02 Dec 2016

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DecisionDesk: “The Google of Lakewood”?

We’ve always privately joked that our little office is the “Google of Lakewood, Ohio” but today we woke up to the news that… maybe we are? Career finder resource The Muse recently featured DecisionDesk in their list of “19 Companies as Great as Google”, noting: “Like Google, DecisionDesk places a huge emphasis on innovation and transparency, including hosting Demo Days every other Friday afternoon. During this informal time, the engineering department presents new programs from the current sprint, and other teams share accomplishments […]

22 Sep 2016

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Christopher W. Sheppard to join DecisionDesk as CEO

September 24 | CLEVELAND, OH DecisionDesk—a digital application and enrollment management provider with its headquarters in Lakewood, Ohio—is proud to announce Christopher W. Sheppard is joining as Chief Executive Officer starting October 10, 2016. This announcement comes at a pivotal time as DecisionDesk launches the latest version of its SaaS product “Concert,” which assists admissions teams at more than 120 of the nation’s leading colleges, graduate schools, and fine arts programs. Higher education institutions are facing increased pressure to yield […]

03 Aug 2016

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Introducing: The Hacker’s Guide to Admissions

Building a Brilliant Application Process on a Budget Forward If you’re reading this, you’re probably frustrated. All you want is modern software that can streamline your admissions process and yield the right students. Yet many institutions are still grappling with inefficiencies left over during the transition from paper to digital workflow. How does a small enrollment team grapple with an increasingly complex web of tasks? Entrepreneurs often face a similar frustration: that’s why startup companies commonly find ‘Hacks’ to create […]

02 Jun 2016

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DecisionDeskU: Beyonce, Beethoven, or the Boss?

What is DecisionDeskU? DecisionDeskU is a “university” neighboring Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, the second largest performing arts center in the country. And DecisionDeskU has invited you to sit on the admissions committee! Why does it exist? With the abundance of applicants pouring in we need YOUR help. Simply review the three candidates’ personal statement, letter of recommendation, and musical submission to help your favorite applicant make it to the top! The selection process has already started: How does it Work? Basically, this […]

01 Jun 2016

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DecisionDesk “Campus” Life

  At DecisionDesk, we know that admissions is a serious process—that’s why we try to apply friendliness & humor whenever possible. In fact, as we seek creative ways to conquer hard work and long hours, DecisionDesk sometimes resembles the students on campuses that use our technology. The campus/startup parallels are probably more associated with NYC or Silicon Valley, but we have our own Midwestern version here in Cleveland, OH. DecisionDesk “Campus” College rankings traditionally value small classes and high test scores—but students themselves […]

03 Mar 2016

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Save Paper Nostalgia for the Campus Library

Two EdTech Startups Digitizing Student Data for Greater Accessibility A Data Odyssey One advantage of working at a university is the opportunity to drum up nostalgia for old books. Perhaps you’ll remember thumbing through an ancient campus bookshelf copy of “The Odyssey.” In fact, the word “nostalgia” comes from Greek nostos meaning: “an epic hero returning home by sea.” But if you work in enrollment or financial aid, it can often feel like you’re floating in a sea of outdated […]

11 Jan 2016

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DecisionDesk’s 2016 Resolutions

First, and foremost, Happy New Year! 2015 was a big year. Not perfect by any stretch, and with plenty of growing pains. An Unlikely Start and A Bold Position For those of you who don’t know our history, DecisionDesk originally launched (under a different name) out of a dorm room in 2008 as an online portfolio tool. By 2013, DecisionDesk had nearly 100 institutional partners using our video portfolio product. Exciting, to say the least, but we continuously heard complaints […]

11 Dec 2015

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Using Technology To Combat Admissions Selectivity Biases

Graduate programs realize they need to embrace a more sophisticated approach to enrollment management, but must overcome serious cultural, financial, and technological hurdles. This was a recurring theme of the CGS (Council on Graduate Schools) conference in Seattle last week. In particular, Deans and VPs tasked with enrollment initiatives voiced feeling overwhelmed.  Benchmarking diversity, for example, requires broad oversight into the complex minutia of needs encompassing 50 – 100 individual programs. Historically, departments that operate more or less independently have […]

30 Nov 2015

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Dueling Tweets Signal “Next Frontier” in EdTech Data

Reframing the Institutional Data Conversation Admissions & enrollment leaders are ready to harness education technology data. But how are they preparing their campuses to analyze this information? Members of the DecisionDesk team joined over 200 higher education leaders at the Eduventures Summit in Boston last week, “The Next Frontier.” While such bold, futuristic themes that can often be quite speculative, we left refreshed and excited. Attendees asked smart questions about the future while remaining confidently grounded in the present. In-depth sessions […]

11 Nov 2015

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News from Educause: “Year of the Cloud” vs. IT Security

For many Americans, autumn signifies the time of year when we debate how many foods can/should be infused with the spice of pumpkin. It’s a debate worth having, yet every year we fear the worst. Sometimes, bad people get a hold of a good thing. Like when Pumpkin Spice Pringles happened. But deep within university IT departments, a similarly frightening debate is brewing: How should we store and protect student data? Two large and converging topics were top of mind at […]