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19 Sep 2014

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Email Marketing

Are you new to DecisionDesk? Or maybe a seasoned DecisionDesk user? Either way, this post is for you. We’re shining the spotlight on DecisionDesk features one at a time to show you what DecisionDesk has to offer and how to get the most out of our product.   DecisionDesk Email Marketing has become an integral feature for many institutions. Powered by MailChimp, it has improved the ability for programs to recruit potential applicants and provide updates to admitted students. When […]

14 Sep 2014

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“Be Able to Tell and Show Your Story”: Application Advice from a College Arts Dean

Application season is upon us! DecisionDesk recently got to speak with Peter Witte, Dean of the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri. We asked him a few questions for all of the students applying to Arts programs in the Fall, and if he had any advice to those who are not only applying, but are planning on pursuing a branch of the creative or performing arts as a career. This […]

03 Jul 2014

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Payment Processing Transparency

There are an increasing number of niche players in the higher education space who will do everything for your institution from rebranding your image, to selling lists of prospects, to delivering (hopefully) qualified applicants to your door. There are firms that offer screening services, marketing automation, cloud-based data management, and consultants and specialists in every area of your business.   Value of Specialists These services are attractive for many reasons.  Specialists are able to focus intensively on highly specific topic […]

18 Feb 2014

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DecisionDesk Partners with LikeLive to Offer “Answer with Webcam”

Cleveland, OH — (February 18, 2014) – DecisionDesk, a leading provider of cloud-based application management solutions, today announced a partnership with LikeLive to offer “Answer With Webcam.” An asynchronous interviewing tool, “Answer with Webcam” allows universities to screen applicants via video submissions, lowering recruitment costs and significantly strengthening their application assessment process. For the first time, institutions will have access to a truly holistic view of candidates, from application, to supplements, to a spontaneous interview. By offering a powerful new tool […]

29 Jan 2014

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DecisionDesk in Collaboration with FoodCorps

Photo courtesy of Robyn Wardell. DecisionDesk is proud to announce its collaboration with FoodCorps, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and engaging American youth about healthy food. Employing hands-on school garden programs, FoodCorps empowers young people to make vital decisions in the battle against childhood obesity. FoodCorps is also committed to helping its members move forward on meaningful career paths after a year of dedicated service. DecisionDesk is thrilled at the opportunity to help this admirable organization select the promising […]

15 Nov 2013

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DecisionDesk Celebrates Great Press!

Happy Friday, all!  DecisionDesk is celebrating some great recent press, and we wanted to share the latest with you to close out the week on a good note!   School of Music Success First, we had our case study, Simplifying the Admissions Process with Technology, which focused on the admissions process at the School of Music at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University, published on the popular ed tech blog edCetera! In it, our […]

11 Oct 2013
audition video tips

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Tips for Recording your Application Video

It’s that time!  Your prescreening videos are due in a few weeks, you’re starting to practice your required audition material, but you need help recording your video. DecisionDesk works with the best performing arts programs in 90 countries and process thousands of videos every year, so take it from us that we’ve seen some excellent videos, and some videos that do not reflect well on the applicant.  Our fantastic Support team has put together a great video (below) to help […]

23 Sep 2013

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A Degree in the Arts: Perspectives from Postgraduates

I remember when I applied to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.  My high school experience was not ideal, and I had always dreamed of pursuing something in the Arts, and my Sophomore year I tried out for the Fall Drama and was bit by the acting bug and well, there was just no going back from there.  I worked so hard to keep my grades up and fill my resume with impressive extracurriculars, and applied to nine […]

18 Sep 2013

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DecisionDesk at NACAC

Heading to this year’s National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) conference in Toronto? DecisionDesk is! DecisionDesk has heard from dozens of business schools, engineering schools, and international and graduate programs who are seeing a huge unmet need in their Admissions process. Such programs and others are looking for new ways to efficiently vet international students, to view samples of student work, to rationalize the submission and review process with a robust and customizable review platform, to overall humanize the […]

14 Aug 2013

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DecisionDesk Version 3: Your Simple Decisions, Simplified.

Hey DecisionDesk clients! Fall 2013 will be an exciting time for the entire DecisionDesk community, as we roll out some amazing new features. We have greatly appreciated the feedback a lot of you have been offering since signing on to work with us, so we listened to what you had to say and have made some improvements! At this very moment, our awesome Engineering team is bringing us from Version 2 of our platform (the version you’re used to working […]