Common Application Review Solution

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The Common Application is home to student data that’s crucial to decision making. But transferring data from the CommonApp to another system can be a hassle, and admissions offices are handicapped when notes, rankings, and comments exist in different systems.

DecisionDesk solves this with a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) product that streamlines any admissions process. Our intuitive application review solution enables colleges to make smarter, faster, more thorough decisions. With more efficient decision making, admissions staff can return their focus to yielding the strongest class.

Import Cleaner

  • DecisionDesk will fetch complete CommonApplication data and match to student records in your system
  • DecisionDesk becomes the repository for all user- and administrator-uploaded documents (including supplementary materials)
  • Integrate with or replace document imaging products
  • Dynamic dashboard display can be accessed from any computer or tablet

Review Easier

  • Admissions staff members receive a notification when applicants are ready for review, and can see what stage applications are at in the process
  • Activity takes place on a single page—meaning readers have a 360 degree view of each candidate
  • Make their notes, rankings, comments and ratings without having to toggle between different screens
  • Forms, scores, and note-taking fields are fully customizable by institution

Sort Smarter

  • Regularly and automatically route records to appropriate faculty and staff members based upon a flexible set of permissions (e.g. geography, GPA)
  • See daily progress of application reviews assigned to individuals and committees
  • Run a report to track the progress of each reviewer, helping to prevent bottlenecks

Decide Faster

  • Sort by reviewer rating, GPA, or test score for batch decisions
  • Port decision data into your CRM or SIS
  • Run reports on admit, waitlist, or deny demographics

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