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A Prayer for Our Leaders


Holy Spirit, we arrive just before you this day in humility and gratitude to beg Your choicest blessings on individuals in cost of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Grant them in abundance Your presents of:


that they may possibly constantly be guided to position the spiritual excellent of the nation as the maximum excellent.


that they may well identify the simplicity of fact.


that they may well recognize the will of God below situations that discourage lesser guys.


that they may well be specified the non secular and actual physical power to take the inevitable burdens of leadership with courageous stamina.


that they might know the vastness of their mission and nonetheless keep humility of spirit and charity for each individual and every soul.


that in the manifold responsibilities of their places of work they may well usually obtain time to connect quietly with God and therein find peace of soul.


that they would forego worldly honors and recognition instead than bow to the will of evil adult men.

May well you bless and immediate our leaders for as lengthy as it is Your will for them to manual the destiny of this nation and the environment.

Father, we thank You that You listen to our prayer. Make sure you remind us, way too, that You are even now in charge!


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