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Aimer – The French Word for ‘Love’ and ‘Like’


French is the language of love. It has presented us so numerous sexy terms like panache, rendez-vous, liaison, femme fatale, stylish, je-ne-sais-quoi. You might come across it peculiar then, to uncover that the French have only one particular word for each to like and to love. The term is aimer, which comes from the Latin amor, that means ‘passion’ or ‘love’.

How to pronounce aimer

Never be tempted to pronounce it like the English word ‘aim’. The very first section of the phrase seems fairly a great deal like the way we say the letter ‘m’. The closing syllable is pronounced a minor like ‘ay’, but shorter. To say ‘I like’ or ‘I love’ you drop the last syllable and say ‘j’aime’. To assistance you recall this all crucial French verb, you could envision yourself drooling in excess of a diamond in a jeweler’s window and stating ‘gem’ – the pronunciation being very identical to ‘j’aime’.

French text connected to aimer

You likely know the French phrase for ‘friend’ – ami. This phrase is derived from aimer but would not necessarily mean ‘lover’ – that would be ‘amant’. Having said that, the noun ‘love’ is amour – ‘I’m in enjoy is je suis amoureux. Yet another French word you would quickly recognise would be amicale – ‘friendly’.

Making the difference among ‘I love’ and ‘I like’

You can use aimer to talk about the items you like: j’aime le cinema, j’aime le chocolat, j’aime visiter les monuments. If you actually want to show that you are insane about one thing, you could say j’adore in its place. Nothing completely wrong with a small exaggeration, the French love it!

On the other hand, if you claimed to someone, je t’aime it could properly be interpreted as ‘I really like you’ and might mail them running if they experienced no plan of your amorous intentions! You can weaken the intensity by expressing, je t’aime bien (I like you properly). Saying this to your lover would having said that pour chilly h2o over any enthusiasm that formerly existed. To your lover, check out declaring, je t’aime très fort (I like you really strongly).

A good way of constructing up language is to make head maps primarily based on strategies or themes. Now you know that the French verb aimer usually means the two ‘to love’ and ‘to like’, you could head-map all the points you like and appreciate. Use a dictionary to assist you and examine with a buddy or colleague who speaks French. So, a thoughts-map all over aimer could include hobbies, athletics, favorite dishes, cherished types. You should not forget about to involve je n’aime pas – ”I don’t like’ – it could be beneficial when travelling in a French talking country.

The moment you’ve got a received a good grip on utilizing aimer to chat about oneself, see how it performs for other folks. You may have to master a few conjugations, but it truly is a standard verb and you ought to get the hold of it immediately. There are loads of very good internet websites to help you with your grammar, but really don’t make it a precedence, it will all appear jointly in great time. When browsing France, you can expect to have plenty of likelihood to observe indicating j’aime!

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