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Ayurvedic Massage Therapy in India – Part One


I have come on a pilgrimage to India to find out if it is probable to overcome all my conditions (extra kilos/fluctuating but commonly superior blood strain/ superior cholesterol and almost certainly much more) in two weeks.

I have heard about Ayurvedic medicine and the fantastic benefits that some people today have skilled, so below I am at Sagara Vacation resort at Kovalam Seaside in Kerala, awaiting my consultation with the medical doctor.

The vacation resort is intriguing in as significantly as it is a function in progress. Evidently it all started out with a few of rooms and then the operator developed a little bit extra and so on until eventually in this article it stands these days, practically finished! In reality, a enormous pool has just been finished and all that remains is the tiling which it is envisioned will be finished in the course of our continue to be. Personnel (perfectly workmen truly, considering the fact that I do not consider there is these a thing as a female constructing labourer in the total of India) are almost everywhere and are seemingly functioning 20 four hour shifts. They operate around with wound up towels on their heads into which they healthy baskets of gravel to tip on to the front driveway which is less than design. Labour is inexpensive and machinery highly-priced, so it follows that this is the most cost-effective design system. But it is certainly not simple in the warm midday solar!

We frequently see the proprietor of the resort, a charming, funny and cuddly gentleman, who life close by and who, the staff members notify me, is humble ample to do any occupation that requirements to be finished. If a maid is ill he cheerfully kicks in, receiving the area all set all by himself for new arrivals. Similarly, he is only much too content to act as a waiter or kitchen personnel member in the lodge cafe. He is a most extraordinary person who undoubtedly justifies his excellent accomplishment.

We have been specified a wonderful suite with big bedroom, bathroom with bathtub, lounge/dining area and balcony. Also provided is a tv with cable connection which is just as very well as my knowledge of Malayalum (the local language) is nil. We have a marvelous view of Kovalam Beach front and the lighthouse which stands proudly over it.

Day two and I have my initial appointment with the Ayurvedic physician (Dr. Jayahari). He is young and extremely pleasant, and totally passionate about Ayurveda. He spends a appreciable amount of money of time drawing diagrams on a piece of paper as he explains the history of Ayurvedic medicine to us.

He wins my coronary heart straight absent – he asks me about overall body processes that have lengthy since expired. I ask him how outdated he thinks I am and he claims an age 20 yrs youthful than I really am. How fantastic is that? If only my pals (and enemies) had been there to listen to it! Drat!

He questions me about my desires and the weather conditions I choose. This is to obtain my body form. It can be a single of a few sorts or a blend of the three. Referred to as doshas, these kinds are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. I’m Vata/ Kapha dosha. Considering that Kapha is fat, I have far too substantially Kapha – to put it bluntly.

He weighs me and can take my blood strain – it is 130 more than a little something or other and then feels my pulses (at my wrist). He tells me that my excessive cholesterol is thanks to also a lot oil in my system and that his initially system of assault will be a foot massage. This will be the initially phase to shedding heaps of pounds!

He tells me that by the up coming day he will have a fourteen day treatment method system for me.

Hmm, a foot therapeutic massage… how nice! This may well not be so lousy at all. I am absolutely intrigued by a foot therapeutic massage that usually takes off excess weight.

I return at 2pm for my foot massage. I have a difficulty with massages as some masseurs have this kind of a challenging contact that I can practically go by way of the roof with all their urgent and kneading. But a foods therapeutic massage need to be quite bearable and I just adore the way my feet experience later on.

At the appointed time I am revealed into the therapy home. My very first considered is I am experiencing a dwell episode of “Wire in the Blood”. Hanging from the ceiling of the tiled home is a rope. I have visions of being strung up but I blink and seem around me. There is also a therapeutic massage desk with a brass pot on a stand.

The masseuse comes and asks me to just take off all my clothing. All? Certainly, all. Yikes!

Now why do I have to be nude to have a foot therapeutic massage? I just knew that there ended up deviant actions in this home. The rope was a useless giveaway.

Oh properly, I have to report to the entire world about this and the extra perverse the experience, the additional I am reckoning that they will all enjoy to listen to about it, so I obediently strip off, sit on a small stool and cross my legs.

The cure starts off with a head massage. She sprinkles oil on my head and shoulders and kneads and thumps away for five minutes. I am absolutely lulled into a fake state of security.

She then asks me to lie on a gymnasium mattress which is positioned underneath the rope. I lie on my belly and she starts to therapeutic massage (alternatively vigorously) my back again and arms. But what took place to my foot massage?

I peek close to and there she is, hanging on to the rope with one particular hand, and balancing herself against the wall with the other 1 as she dexterously massages my overall body with a person foot. And what a effective foot she has! I have to ask her to tone it down. She massages me from leading to base, from back to front. I am absolutely slathered in thick yellow oil. So THAT is a foot massage!

She now asks me to lie on the therapeutic massage desk. It is not easy negotiating the room when I am oily but I someway deal with. It is also challenging climbing on the bed devoid of shooting above the edge like a greased up rocket. She then proceeds to give me a different lengthy therapeutic massage – this time by hand.

She cheerfully tells me that if I have this cure each working day my body fat will soften absent.

So this is how to shift fats with no lifting a finger! Oops, I necessarily mean with no lifting just one of my fingers! I have often puzzled if it is feasible to lose fat by massage. It would evidently have to be a incredibly extended and vigorous therapeutic massage – just about every working day of the week! But who can typically afford to pay for these a luxury?

Anyway, the cure is not above yet. She hauls around the brass pot on the stand and fills it up with warm medicated oil. My head is positioned below the pot and slowly but surely the oil drips down by a hole at the bottom of the pot. This is Shirodhara – a treatment reputed to open the third eye. She moves the pot around and the oil drips down in a stream onto my forehead for twenty minutes. What bliss!

The full physical exercise can take two several hours and as you can picture, I am entirely drenched with oil.

In the meantime I have been pondering on a somewhat worrying issue which I can see coming up. Particularly, that, oily as I now am, I will have to slip into my pretty purple caftan when I return to my place. But she pops my caftan in a bag and fingers me a green healthcare facility gown. She tells me to put on it back and forth for the class of my treatment options. Thank goodness for that.

The masseuse tells me to hold out an hour before showering and for the reason that my hair is dripping with thick oil, I also have to clean my hair. This is to develop into a every day ritual. I personally obtain each day hair washing to be a bit of a bore so I am doubly set out to discover that there is no complimentary shampoo or conditioner obtainable in the lavatory. Luckily for us, for after in our lives, we have actually introduced with us a several hotel bottles we have saved from preceding holidays, but we are to obtain that there is no resort (at our value array) in the total of Kerala, that materials hair products and solutions. Biju (our driver) afterwards tells us that this is for the reason that the Kerala individuals only use coconut oil in their hair. (But would this cleanse their hair far too, I wonder?)

I puzzled if my mom would get the same therapy as me. Nevertheless, she did not acquire the foot therapeutic massage. Perhaps this is reserved for fatties. The health care provider afterwards tells us that due to my mother’s advanced age (80) he thought it was also exhausting for her.

This is part a single of a three section write-up.

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