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Cabbage Soup Diet – Surviving the Seven Days Program

The Cabbage Soup Diet is one of the trend diets which is built for quick weight decline and requires no long term dedication. It is made as 7 times application in which dieter will have a stringent food plans with cabbage soup as the key ingredients. The system alone is not new it was initially attained level of popularity at 1980s due to the assert of 10 pounds weight decline for every week.

An illustration of the 7 days food strategies:

Working day 1: Fruit consist of cabbage soup, fruits (apart from banana), protein shake, extra fat burner consume, and water with lemon or natural.

Working day 2: Vegetable consist of cabbage soup, veggies, protein shake, body fat burner consume, baked potato, and water with lemon or vegetable juices.

Working day 3: Fruit and Greens consist of cabbage soup, fruit, greens, protein shake, fats burner consume, and water with lemon or vegetable juices.

Working day 4: Bananas consist of cabbage soup, banana, low excess fat dairy, protein shake, and water with lemon or herbal.

Day 5: Fish and Tomatoes consist of cabbage soup, fish or poultry with tomatoes, protein shake, excess fat burner drink, and h2o with lemon or natural.

Day 6: Poultry Day consist of cabbage soup, poultry or fish, veggies, protein shake, fats burner consume, water with lemon or vegetable juices.

Working day 7: Rice Working day consist of cabbage soup, vegetables, protein shake, fat burner drink, mushroom risotto, and h2o with lemon or vegetable juices.

Notes that there is no restrict for the use of cabbage soup at any day, the dieter can take in as significantly as he desires. On working day a few, 5, 6, and 7, there are no boundaries for fruit, greens, fish, and poultry consumption. The recipes of the soup itself typically consist of cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions, and tomatoes with preferred seasonings. The method also forbid liquor, bread, and carbonated beverages.

Whilst it is named The Cabbage Soup Eating plan, there are no scientific reports that display cabbage attributes to burn off fat. The seven times meal options point out that this is a further low calorie diet with 800-100 calories for each day, the soup is just there to fulfill the dieter any time he is hungry.


  1. Rapid weight decline the dieter can be expecting to shed 10 to 15 lbs at the stop of the application.
  2. No high-priced ingredients in point, it’s quite low-priced.
  3. Easy no exercising or any other actions modifications are proposed, it is only the 7 times meal plan.
  4. Motivate the dieter to eat additional fruit and veggies.


  1. The diet regime is incredibly small calorie and regarded unhealthy. The soup itself is made up of really very little protein and the dieter commonly will experience absence of correct nutrition. It is not encouraged to eat less than 1200 calories for each day until it is advised by a doctor.
  2. Repeatedly eat cabbage soup all over the whole 7 days can be truly uninteresting, which can motivate the dieter to try to eat much less than the previously lower energy for each working day.
  3. The soup recipes ordinarily consist of superior levels of sodium or MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).
  4. There is principle that the fat decline largely will come from fluid or muscle mass, not fats loss, which will return once the dieter again to the regular having behaviors.
  5. The common cabbage soup recipes commonly consequence in bland soup and some dieters have report to emotion nauseous when they smell the soup immediately after finish the 1 week application.
  6. Possibly induce frequently fart.
  7. Tricky to try to eat out considering that the meals in the program are not normally served at a cafe.

From the details, it is clear that this diet program has lots of negatives and not proposed numerous industry experts will recommend a classic long time period wholesome diet regime. But it is also real that rapid pounds decline is really tempting and several will nonetheless try out it. If you do approach to test this eating plan method, listed here are a few points to consider:

  1. This diet plan is for adult, it is not appropriate for young children and adolescents.
  2. Only go on this food plan a 7 days at a time, do not try to lengthen it.
  3. If any health trouble happens, check with your health care provider straight away.
  4. Throughout the eating plan, continue to keep remind your self that the application only very last for 7 days and it will consequence on major fat reduction.
  5. Drink at least 5 glass of water for each day.
  6. Try out unique range of spices and seasoning to reduce boredom from having the soup continually.
  7. Even if you you should not like it, pressure your self to consume a good deal of soup. This diet is presently minimal in calories and you really don’t want to starve you because of to your dislike to cabbage soup.
  8. Attempt to hold keep at property, you will almost certainly far too weak from the minimal calorie foodstuff and to gassy from mass portions of cabbage. If you are absent from dwelling, carry your soup with you.
  9. Take in foodstuff nutritional supplement to complement this food plan.
  10. Make a journal to retain keep track of your bodyweight reduction from day 1.
  11. Use a reminder to make positive you eat the ideal food items of the working day.
  12. Preserve constant provide of the ingredients, fruits, and vegetables in your refrigerator.
  13. Consume protein shake to avoid deficiency of protein.

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