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Children Learning Reading Review

All parents would agree to the worn out saying that being a parent does not come with a manual. While this could be true, there is a wealth of guides available online and offline. There are materials that could help parents in raising their children in the best possible ways.

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their children. And, one of the first few things that they would like their children to learn is reading. However, getting the child to read is one of the most challenging tasks that a parent could face.

This is especially true if the parent has limited knowledge of the best method to do it. For parents facing this kind of challenge, a program called Children Learning Reading could be a great option. But what is Children Learning Reading? Is It Really Effective?

What Is Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading is a unique program that teaches various techniques to help parents teach their children how to read. It is based on phonemic and phonics awareness instructions to help children as early as 2 years old to read.

According to studies, phonemic awareness is very effective in successfully teaching young kids to work on phonemes. These phonemes or individual sounds help children easily decode printed text and sound out the words.

Children Learning Reading Review

Also, several pieces of research revealed that using phonics in teaching how to read results to fluent readers. The Children Learning Reading is a very simple and direct stage by stage program that is very easy to follow. Its main objective is to teach young children how to easily comprehend text.

This way they can develop the necessary phonemic awareness needed for them to be able to read fluently. The program contains easy practices and exercises to help improve and develop the skills of the child.

Children Learning Reading is ideal for parents who would like to give their children an early head start to reading. The program is also perfect for young students who need extra aid and are still having a hard time reading.

Moreover, parents who homeschool their children could also take advantage of this program. This program could help children regardless of their age or their advancement for their age. They could benefit from the techniques and could later use it when studying.

Who Are The Authors?

This program was created by Jim and Elena Yang, who as parents believe that children education is very important. The couple believes in a parent-oriented old-school approach when teaching their child to read. Jim Yang is a reading specialist.
He and his wife developed the program to utilize the different effective techniques in the process of educating a child. As parents, the couple has experienced a lot and has learned from these experiences. They integrate these experiences in creating a comprehensive reading guide. This way, parents will not have a hard time teaching their children.

What Will You Learn From Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading is divided into two various stages. Each stage comes with a separate book that contains instructions. The first stage will help children develop crucial foundational skills on how to read. It contains 28 lessons to help children comprehend texts. It begins with the letters of the alphabet as well as sounds.

The program teaches children how to concentrate on blending and simple words. The second stage will help children progress further.

Children Learning Reading review

It comes with additional lessons so children can enhance their reading skills even more.
The second stage consists of 22 lessons and focuses on teaching children how to read combined letters.

Eventually, the lessons advance to words, sentences, rhymes, and stories. This way, the child’s reading fluency also advances. Each eBook can be easily downloaded.

It contains 50 simple and easy to follow steps that help parents teach their kids in a manner that they are going to understand in just 15 minutes. This is ensured by the phonemic awareness skills to present the lesson in a way that children can easily comprehend.

Extra eBooks

In addition to the two major eBooks, the program comes with extra eBooks. These are also very useful in further enhancing the kid’s reading skill.

The extra eBooks include a couple of lessons titled Lesson Stories 1 and Lesson Stories 2.
Aside from that, the program also offers eBooks titled The Most Common Sight Words, and Letter Sound MP3 Audio Clips.

Children can also enjoy reading the Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes. Parents can further improve their teaching skills through the free 12-week one on one counseling.

The author of this program compiled useful tips and techniques to help parents teach their children to read. The main objective of the author is to make short lessons to retain the attention of the kids.

best Children Learning Reading

But, despite the length, the creator made sure that the techniques are very effective. The basic concept is that parents must be involved in teaching their kids to read.

Simply allowing kids to learn the skill from videos, apps, and computer games are not entirely effective. Kids need consistent attention from their parents to easily learn and master their reading skills.

The program offers short lessons that last for 5 to 15 minutes every day. Aside from teaching the child how to read, parents can also form a special bond with their children through this. It can even help parents strengthen their relationship with their children.

Other Features

The main objective is to make the child a fluent reader in both lowercase and capital letters. The program is loaded with basic information, background details, and relevant studies.

Through this, parents can teach their children the names of the letter as well as their sounds. There are also several tips on how to blend and combine letter sounds to easily read the words.

Lesson organization, expectations, proper mindset, and dealing with resistant learners are also available. The Children learning and Reading program presents the details in various ways.

This includes booklets with detailed lesson plans, reading materials, and background details in pdf format. There are also videos that show how parents could teach the lessons to their children.
Additionally, there are audio recordings showing the proper way to pronounce every phoneme individually. It also teaches how to pronounce the phonemes with a wide range of words.

There are also cue cards in pdf format. The cue cards are pre-formatted on business card sheets so parents could easily print and use it.

Children Learning Reading Pros & Cons

</p> <p><strong>Pros</strong></p> <p>
  • The Children Learning Reading is very easy to follow
  • The program offers systematic and effective techniques that engage children and slowly teaching them to read
  •  It offers a comprehensive presentation of the topics
  •  The methods used are backed by scientific studies
  •  Printed cue cards are very effective and very engaging to children
  • The program provides excellent materials
  •  Instructions are available in written form as well as in audio and video forms.

best Children Learning Reading guide

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • Parents with low connection speed complain about long download time
  • It comes in two pricing choices—premium and standard
  • Cue cards are only available on the premium package

Does Children Learning Reading Work?

Children Learning Reading promises to teach you ways to effectively teach children to read. And, it sure does in a very simple way with incremental progressive steps.

It enables parents to begin at the early stage of the child’s growth and naturally progress. This way, children can achieve the desired results at their own learning pace.
The program is well researched. Most of the things that you can read were from the author’s personal experience as a parent.

best Children Learning Reading review

The entire course is broken down into various sections to make it easier for parents, and more exciting for children to learn. The result could vary depending on the kid or the parent. It may not work for all children at the same rate and pace.

This program is ideal for parents who want to start teaching their kids to read at an early age. Interestingly, availing this program does not run you of any risks.

If you read it and you find that the program is not for you, you can always get a refund. However, the return should happen within two months of purchase.

Take note that it is only applicable if you purchase the program on its official website. In other words, by trying Children Learning Reading, you are not risking anything.

</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>

The Children Learning Reading Program is a great buy considering the benefits that it could give to parents and children. The promotional material is loaded with amazing testimonials. This is a solid sign that the program is well-received by the users.

Also, the idea of forging a bond between the parent and the child is great. It builds the child’s confidence with a parent dedicating time and effort to the child.

Unlike other learning how to read programs, this one ensures that the parent closely monitors the progress of the child. The program is also divided into brief but effective daily lessons.

A five to 15 –minute daily lesson will not exhaust the child. The cue cards are also very useful in getting the child’s attention. Overall, this is a great product that will help parents easily teach their children to learn reading fluently.

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