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Critical Bench Review

Have you been going to the gym every single day for months or even years but never really reap the fruits of your labor? You sweat yourself in the gym every day but without proper knowledge, you would just be wasting your money and time.

If you are a gym goer, you could be stuck on the same muscle weight you had since a year ago. In the bodybuilding world, this is known as muscle plateau, which means your body has grown accustomed to your exercise routine. And so, you’re wondering what you’re missing.

So, you ask yourself whether you need to change your workout routines or need to increase your supplement intake. But to have better gains, you should also understand that muscle building is more than just a routine. It is achieved through proper training, having the right form and technique, and the right set of exercises.

The Critical Bench Program could be the right manual for you because it will educate you on proper weightlifting, the right workout routine, and proper techniques when lifting weights.

What Is The Critical Bench?

The Critical Bench program, authored by Mike Westerdal, has been gaining popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts and gym fanatics. With its repertoire of friendly tips and advice, it can be noted to be one of the most effective weight training programs out there.

Critical Bench Review

This workout program aims to give you a powerful, muscular physique by focusing on the development of upper body muscles through the bench press workout. So, why focus on the bench press workout?

Bench press focuses beyond the development of your chest muscles. It also involves some of the major muscles in our body such as the biceps, triceps, and most upper body muscles.

The bench press is a favorite workout routine amongst bodybuilders. This is because bench press is a compound exercise which works for several muscle groups. Having more muscles involved would yield to better muscle growth in your body.

Compound exercises, to be practical, requires progressive overload lifting and it has commonly caused significant accidents. The Critical Bench Program also teaches you to master the techniques to avoid injuries and strain from proper warm-up exercises to proper weightlifting.

Who Is Mike Westerdal?

mike westerdal

Mike Westerdal is the author of the Critical Bench Program. He is a sports expert who earned his degree from Central CT State University and where he played four years of D-IAA football. After going to college, Mike continued playing the ball game and started coaching in Europe. He acquired his personal training qualifications from the American Council on Exercise.

Mike Westerdal is a Certified Professional Trainer. He is also a powerlifter who competes in both APA and APF federations. Mike’s personal best in bench press competition is 603 lbs.

What Will You Learn From Critical Bench?

Bench Press is the main focus of the Critical Bench program. This is because the bench press is for developing all muscles that constitute your upper body strength. Isolation exercises on the other hand only target a specific muscle group and will not give you the core strength that you need. This is why gym colleagues would probably measure how strong you are by how much you can lift at bench press. This is because they know that the heavier you lift could also mean how healthy and in shape your body is.

Critical Bench

Here are some of the things that you will learn on the Critical Bench Program:

1 Know of the Right time to Rest and Recover – Overtraining your muscle is the biggest mistake most bodybuilders commit. This program provides you with a proper warm-up program to jumpstart your body for lifting heavy weights.

2 Discover the Secret to Muscle Strength and Size – Your muscle size is relative to your strength gain. Having the same workout routine over and over will keep your body in a muscle plateau. The Critical Bench eBook provides you with a variety of workout routine to help you gain more muscle mass.

3Have the Right Mindset – The body follows the mind. Similarly, you will not have significant progress if you don’t have the right mindset during lifting.

4 Knowing the right technique to lift – Critical Bench is a powerlifting program. The program teaches you the proper form to avoid injury during heavy lifting.

5 Adjust your Lifestyle Habits – the author gives a strong point to bodybuilders in cutting off on the bad habits of poor nutrition and sleep deprivation. Having the right amount of rest and a proper diet is essential for muscle growth.
The manual covers basic to advanced weightlifting. What makes this eBook stand out is its detailed instruction on workout routines, and the do’s and dont’s of the process of weightlifting.

What You Get When Purchasing The Critical Bench Press Program?

The Critical Bench Press Program comes as a package. This weight lifting guide includes the following add-ons to expand your weightlifting program further and help you achieve better results.

Critical Component 1: The Critical Bench Program

This is the heart of the Critical Bench program. It is the master manual that includes the exercises, descriptions, training parameters, and the motivation to support your goal of gaining muscle mass.

Critical Component 2: Customized Training Logs 100-500 lbs


The training log is like a goal plan for how heavy you need to lift every workout session. This works like a personal diary in which you can record what you lift on your bench press for the 10-week program.

best critical bench review

Critical Component 3: Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD

This DVD is an Audio Visual Presentation on the correct way to Bench Press. This Video can be very useful to readers to have a visual idea on the fundamentals of Bench Press.

You can also get these 4 bonuses on your purchase:

Bonus 1: The Critical Deload Routine

The Critical Deload Routine is a set of workouts for a short-planned period of recovery. It gives you training that is slightly lighter to give your muscles, nervous system, and joints a break. This Routine is to prepare you to move on to the next stage of the Critical Bench Program and keep your gains coming.

Bonus 2: Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors

This manual is the compilation of tips from various famous bodybuilders. These tips will surely come in handy as you learn from the best of the best of some of the World’s greatest powerlifters on their road to success.

Bonus 3: Critical Exercise Guide

This guide serves as a substitute exercise if ever you get yourself injured during the program. It can also be useful if you lack the right equipment for your workout.

Bonus 4: In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage in Sports

Creatine is one of the most popular supplement in muscle building and strength gains.

This manual is an in-depth explanation of Creatine. It gives you a thorough understanding of the use of Creatine from the benefits, side-effects, and when you need to take it.

Critical Bench Pros And Cons

</p> <p><strong>Pros</strong></p> <p>
  • The program is easy to follow and is intended to be understood by beginners to intermediate bodybuilders alike.
  • The author is an experienced weightlifter himself. The guides are also from his personal experience and various interview with different weightlifting experts.
  • The program is detailed from every aspect of perfecting bench press from the right diet, form, to achieving the maximum weight you can bench press.
  • This program offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the program, you can have your money back.

critical bench reviews

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • The program lacks customer service. A support forum is needed to assess the fundamental needs of clients to improve client-customer relationships.
  • The eBook revolves solely on maxing out your bench press. However, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the process. Lifting heavy loads without proper weightlifting knowledge could lead to fatal accidents.

Does Critical Bench Work?

The Critical Bench Program focuses on progressively overloading your muscles. This is significant because muscles grow faster if you work it to its limit. This program is also proven to work by many bodybuilders along with the author himself.

Mike Westerdal is a certified personal trainer and a sports expert. He also has certified training qualifications and has published articles on weightlifting. He is also a contributing writer for many weightlifting magazines including Monster Muscle and Reps. Along with the author’s credentials, the Critical Bench Program is also known all over the bodybuilding world to be one of the most effective manuals on increased muscle gains.

If you research more on his program, you will find it concise and compelling. The manual gives you a variety of tips and techniques used by various famous weightlifters on the planet.

</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>

The Critical Bench gives you an in-depth understanding of the importance of a bench press workout.

This program can also be your guide to understanding the science to muscle gains by taking the bodybuilding process to a different approach. The author gives a strong point to focus on. If followed correctly, you will see results and gain muscle mass, strength, and confidence.

This manual has been proven by multiple customers to guarantee amazing results.

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