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Do Cats “Go Wild” From Feeding on Raw Meat?


Some myths about cats feel to under no circumstances die and are quite tough to proper. One particular these types of fantasy is the belief that cats go wild, even feral, if fed uncooked meat.

This concept retains showing up on lists, in message boards, on issue and response web pages, chat rooms, and indeed, even in the grocery store line when anyone purchases a significant package of chicken and mentions it is for the cats.

“Aren’t you frightened your cats will go wild?”

“You shouldn’t be feeding that to your cats. They’re going to go wild, you know.”

Properly, no. Not actually. What they do, on the other hand, is in some cases they growl. This is a pure reaction and has even been noticed in some cats when they are ingesting a bowl of dry kibble. Possibly it has additional to do with “ownership” and serves as a warning to other cats close by to wait their change. It also can be a indicator of pure satisfaction. Immediately after all, meat is their all-natural food plan, the craving they had been born with.

In our shelter, when cats get there in poor overall health, or strays that are plainly underweight, they are fed raw meat, if they will accept it. In each individual circumstance, devoid of exception so much, they all have improved relatively rapidly. Some of them growl, some do not. So what?

These that were conditioned to consume only dry foods took much for a longer time to get nicely and seemed to want more assist, these kinds of as drugs and veterinary visits. The raw-fed folks blossomed and turned friendly, adoptable cats in a shorter time.

The finest opposition expressed by common vets is normally the concern of salmonella. Very well, it’s not like we feed the cats some rotten outdated chicken that has been discarded or was on sale for staying out of day. We use human quality, new chicken. And when salmonella is nonetheless a issue for humans, necessitating thoroughly cooking the meat, cats have a unique physiology from ours.

In mother nature, predatory animals are uniquely suited to eating meat that may not be protected for us. Their digestive tracts are shorter, and their digestive juices are considerably more acidic, enabling the meat to be digested quickly and safely, except anyone has interfered and poisoned it. But that’s a distinct challenge.

In any scenario, use safeguards when making ready raw meats for your pets. Dress in rubber gloves and hold all surfaces and utensils cleanse, this sort of as chopping boards and knives, disinfecting them when completed. This is extra for your basic safety than the cat’s.

As for the growling? Never fret about it. Try to remember, the issue is with the operator, not the cat. On the other hand, it would be smart not to set your hands in the area. If a quite hungry cat feels protecting of its meal, you could be scratched, but we haven’t seen that behavior pretty usually.

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