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Don’t Be Discouraged By The Break Up – You Can Get Your Ex Back And Make It Better Than Before!

As with most things in life, relationships either work, or they don’t. Sometimes it is because the two people involved just don’t gel, and decide to call it quits. Other times, even though the two people love each other, the relationship still falls apart. If you fall into the latter category, then take heart, because it is possible to get your ex back.

Relationships aren’t good and last a long time on their own – a lot of effort has to be put into it in order for it to be happy for the couple involved. Yes, you are individuals, but you have to work together all the time, to make a relationship work well.

If you really want to get your ex back, then there are a few things that you need to do. Sit and think really hard about your time together. Did you communicate all the time? Also, was there proper give and take between you and your ex? If your answer was negative to both of these things, then it is time to fix them, if you want a chance to get back together again.

Communication is vital in a relationship. Even though you know each other very well, and love each other deeply, there are times that you HAVE to talk about things. This is especially so when it is something that is making either of you unhappy or angry.

Unless you are mind readers, there is no way that you are going to know if your partner is unhappy if you don’t talk about it. If the problem is spoken about right away, then it can be discussed and fixed immediately, without an argument starting. Make a firm decision to talk about problems all the time. If your ex hears that you are willing to do this, you could get your ex back.

If all the give and take in the relationship came from your ex, then it is no wonder that your ex broke up with you. Everything was in your favor in the relationship, and this probably made your ex feel bad. You probably made your ex feel that nothing that he/she said or did was important enough – it had to be your way or no way at all.

Make contact with your ex and tell him/her that you are more than willing to compromise and communicate in future – all the time. Say that you love him/her too much and don’t want to go through life without him/her. If it’s a fifty/fifty relationship that will make him/her happy, then that is how it will be. Let your ex think this over, and if he/she agrees with it, you could get your ex back.

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