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Eat Stop Eat Review

Created by a nutritionist and avid weight trainer, Eat Stop Eat is a comprehensive weight loss program. It was designed to give you fast results in just two weeks. The program combines periods of fasting and weight training which promotes weight loss. It features a unique strategy of incorporating intermittent fasting, weight training, and eating healthy meals.

The program is based on a scientific method of losing excess weight. Eat Stop Eat forces our body to tap into your stored fat for energy. The combining process ensures you burn more calories and lessen stubborn fat that often impedes good lifting results.

Using this intermittent fasting technique was proven to boost the production of your fat burning hormones twice the normal rate. It does this by increasing the effects of your growth hormone. Growth hormones (GM) are typically associated with releasing stored fat for the body’s energy production.

What Is Eat Stop Eat?

Intermittent fasting has always been a controversial dieting regimen. Part of this is because it involves starving yourself for some hours and devoting some for eating what you like. Eat Stop Eat is part of that dieting revolution but deviates from the conventional technique. This is because you only spend 2-3 times a week for the “break periods.”

During days when you are not on the fasting mode, you are able to choose the types of food you want. However, they are in moderation. The process of limiting your caloric intake provides quick results. This allows you to visibly see them in just a couple of weeks.

Eat Stop Eat Review

Intermittent fasting may not be a brand new concept since the process has been used by many cultures and religion for centuries. But it is taking a unique shape in our modern world where people slowly understand the need to stay fit and healthy. This is especially true with most people resorting to fast and instant food choices instead of actually preparing them.

Eat Stop Eat joins the revolution by combining techniques that allow you to reset your internal body clock works to burn fat and keep your weight off. Opposed to what many people believe, intermittent fasting does not slow down your metabolism but triggers a reset button for your body to burn fat instead of storing them.

The Eat Stop Eat protocol is also not so restrictive with what types of food you eat but focuses on the time you eat. This fasting technique helps you burn fat quickly and with less effort.

Who Is Brad Pilon?

Brad Pilon is the man behind the Eat Stop Eat program. He works as a weight loss and nutrition expert in Canada. Born and raised in the small suburb of Burlington, Ontario Brad has always been fascinated with fitness and bodybuilding.

brad pilon

Also, an avid bodybuilding magazine collector, Brad Pilon mentions that he was greatly influenced by the 1980 bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. He started selling supplements to his local supplement shops in his hometown engaging himself with the world of fitness.

Brad graduated with honors at the local university with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition. He became a Research Analyst after graduation opening doors to the world of bodybuilding. He currently authors several books about fitness and nutrition including Eat Stop Eat and several other workout programs.

Brad Pilon has always been consistent in helping people achieve their fitness goals. This eBook is a testament to his passion for helping people lose weight and make muscle building faster. Brad also brings a new meaning to intermittent fasting with the Eat Stop Eat weight loss guide.

What Will You Learn From Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat is a 212-page guide book with tips and instruction on how you can lose weight using the fasting diet plan. The primary goal of the book is to help you lose weight in less time while helping you gain muscle without taking too much effort into your exercise programs.

According to the author cutting down on meals does not directly affect your weight loss, but how and when you eat makes the cut. Dietary supplements and various other diet programs may help you succeed in taking an extra inch off your waistline, but the time and how you eat always has a significant effect.

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The book proposes that most dietary programs take time to affect your body, but with the Eat Stop Eat protocol, you’ll immediately see results. The weight loss does not just aim to help you lose weight but also make you healthier and assist you in building muscles the most straightforward way.

With Eat Stop Eat, neither would you need to have dietary supplements to boost every workout gain nor do you have to undergo special diets. The weight loss program instills discipline because you have to follow a strict eating protocol and you have to maintain your motivation along the way.

Intermittent fasting is also the safest way to handle weight problems because it revs up your metabolism to stay on a consistent pattern of eating and abstaining. The process of controlling your food intake reduces your body’s insulin levels and improves your growth hormones to continuously burn fats.

Eat Stop Eat Pros And Cons

</p> <p><strong>Pros</strong></p> <p>
  • The book is written by a certified fitness and nutrition expert.
  • Eat Stop Eat is an online bestseller with thousands of copies already sold. Sales for the book continue to grow day by day. This in itself is a testament of its effectiveness.
  • The program and techniques highlighted in the book can be used by men and women.
  • Has many testimonials from avid followers and satisfied customers
  • The book advocates intermittent fasting, a technique that has proven to be one of the most effective weight loss programs.
  • Comes with exclusive 60-day money back guarantee.

eat stop eat guide

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • The book does not include a diet plan for people who are watching over their calorie intake.
  • Intermittent fasting may not be useful if you have diabetes. So it’s better to check with your doctor before getting into the regimen
  • The book was not properly proofread. If you are a little iffy about grammar, expect the book to have a few inconsistencies here and there.

Does Eat Stop Eat Work?

The weight loss techniques presented by Brad Pilon in the Eat Stop Eat book is highly effective because it uses intermittent fasting to help you achieve your weight goals. Among some of the things that make intermittent fasting important are its non-restrictive diet, scheduled metabolic responses, and its ability to burn fat twice as fast.

Interestingly enough, the book is critically acclaimed in the fitness world. People all over attest to its effectiveness. The author also presents an easy to follow a program. It includes you stopping eating for certain hours and drinking water in the middle to distract yourself. This helps you prevent eating when you’re fasting.

best eat stop eat review

The initial step might not be easy to follow, but the body quickly adjusts to the waves of hunger coming in. This step forces your body to utilize and burn stored fats for energy. You just wait for the designated hour where you can eat what you want and without the guilt.

The program uses a 2-3 times break period per week which means you can eat anything within the allotted time and fast on the remaining. Fasting is done once or twice a week to improve your metabolism.

Brad Pilon also discusses some of the myths surrounding intermittent fasting including arguments at how it slows down metabolism. He also touches on topics like fear or muscle loss during fasting, fears of hunger, and several other issues and controversies about fasting.

Eat Stop Eat has an easy to follow instructional guidelines to help you lose weight and get in shape faster. The program on the book has benefits like an increased metabolism, helps your body get rid of toxins, prolongs your life, and ultimately weight loss.

</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>

Eat Stop Eat provides a simple solution with an easy to follow guide on how you can lose your excess body weight fast. The initial process of keeping food out of your mind during the first few days can be a hard topic, but it gets easier to adjust during the succeeding days as your body adjusts.

Moreover, the book provides a 60-day money back guarantee just in case you are not completely satisfied. You can just ask for a full refund if you do not find any changes in your body weight or overall fitness. If you have tried anything and everything in the weight loss market, this book is worth a try considering the amount of hype surrounding its success.

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