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Finding a Real Covert Hypnosis Forum


Trying to find a covert hypnosis forum that is filled with hypnotists and practitioners who know what they’re talking about isn’t easy.

A common problem you will find in the hypnosis industry is that there are a large amount of people who will try and convince you that they’re experts, or gurus, however in actuality they may not be that more advanced than even a novice.

This matter becomes even worse within the field of covert hypnosis, where the techniques used within this field are less well known, and often kept secret. People become less willing to share techniques that they know to work, and often only reveal them for a fee. This creates an environment where people who aren’t even proper practitioners, will still make up so called techniques, just to sell a product of some kind.

A way to avoid this problem is to begin by having a thorough grounding within hypnosis to begin with. You’ll find a lot of techniques that don’t work don’t even abide by the most basic of rules of hypnosis. These fake techniques will claim things such as ‘ways to hypnotise people against their will’ and ‘how to use mind control on a person’. These sorts of techniques aren’t really possible, and if you have a basic understanding of hypnosis you will realise this.

A person must always be voluntarily participating with any hypnotic suggestion, however this form of voluntary participation can take place from a subconscious level as opposed to a conscious one. Therefore the way we execute covert hypnosis is by making a person subconsciously accept our suggestions. We do this by establishing a deep form of subconscious rapport with the person, such as by matching and mirroring their body language.

The reason we want to establish a subconscious form of rapport with a person, as opposed to a purely conscious one, is because peoples emotions, feelings, and desires are all stored within their subconscious. If we can establish subconscious rapport, then we can bring out positive emotions from the person, and make them feel really good when they’re speaking to us.

This will of course mean that the person will be more likely to accept and respond to our suggestions, allowing covert hypnosis to flourish.

So armed with this basic knowledge of how the process of covert hypnosis works, you should feel confident when going to any covert hypnosis forum, and be able to distinguish the real gurus from the fakes.

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