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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – A Woman’s Perspective


If you’re a guy who lost your girl, chances are you’re having a hard time getting some support from your guy friends on how to get your ex back. This is very common among men because your friends just want to see you happy – not moaning and groaning about how much you miss “her”. Here’s some advice on how to get your ex back – from a woman’s perspective.

Did you cheat? If so, you have to find ways to build her trust back. Cheating is very hard for someone to get over but the real trick is to get over the actual trust issues that come along with it. Although you and your ex are apart she may become increasingly needy about wanting to know you’re every move. Don’t let this irritate you. Rather, you should let her know who you’re with ad what you’re doing anytime she asks. Never just volunteer the information though because in a woman’s mind that just means you’re over-compensating and are probably hiding something.

Are you getting tired of waiting? Too bad! Patience is a virtue and if you truly want your ex back you HAVE to be both patient and understanding. The last thing you should do is begin to give her ultimatums. Never say anything like, “I know you’re trying to figure things out but I need to know now if we have a shot at a second chance?”. You may think that you’re being sweet and understanding by saying such things but all she hears is “I’m being pushy and trying to control you.” Sounds ridiculous? Well welcome to the female brain.

Do you just want to profess your love for her ad get it over with? If the answer is yes, I know how you feel but what your ex needs now is a little game play. I know its the awful truth but if you want your ex back you may have to be the best player in the game. If you haven’t done anything wrong, like cheated, then being mysterious and aloof are your best bets in getting your ex back. If she calls and wants to talk, keep things short and sweet. If she asks what you’re up to, ALWAYS have plans even if you have to make them up. Trust me, this will get your ex running back to you in no time.

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