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How Numerous Calories Burned Whilst SUPing? (Stand Up Paddle-Boarding)

One of the most frequent queries that men and women ask me about Stand Up Paddling is “How lots of energy can I melt away”?

I’ve invested some time on-line wanting for the suitable response but I believed I’d do a small “un-scientific” investigation myself. So I paddled yesterday employing a heart amount watch and my Polar Personal computer to give me a pretty precise picture of a typical SUP exercise.

Now a couple of considerations and disclosures. Very first, the coronary heart fee check I applied is designed for biking. I merely took the personal computer off of my bicycle and put it in my pocket while paddling. Definitely there could be some adjustments that need to be produced for the “form of exercise” but because large muscle teams are being labored in equally cycling and paddling, I really don’t think the calorie calculation would modify quite substantially.

The other consideration is the paddlers measurement and bodyweight. I’m 6’2″ and weigh-in at about 225-228. Also, I paddle about 5 times a week which, I hope, means that my situation amount should be a bit better than the average bear. I would expect my regular heart fee would be a bit decreased as a final result.

I carried out my un-scientific test on a very clear morning with a slack tide and small to no wind. The circumstances had been almost fantastic and experienced small to no outcome on my exercise (as opposed to a sturdy head/tail wind, and so on.). I paddled a 12′ common board (SupWorks Alpha) which weighs in at 28 kilos and I was making use of an QuickBlade Kahana carbon fiber paddle.

Listed here are the final results….

  1. Physical exercise Time: 53:43
  2. In-Zone: 51:32
  3. Normal Coronary heart Charge: 147bpm
  4. Energy Burned: 822kcal

Few of comments:

  1. The “Exercising Time” is the total time from when I started to paddle to when I stopped.
  2. “In-Zone” refers to how a lot of minutes my coronary heart amount was in my “Anaerobic Zone”. My “Zone” is among 118bpm and 170bpm.
  3. My typical heart rate for the whole exercise session cycle was 147bpm.
  4. I burned 822 energy for the whole training. Applying the same details, had a ongoing the identical pace for an further 6:17 earning the total exercise session time 60 minutes, I would have burned a full of 923 energy for the hour. (Sorry for not building it an even 60 minutes, I just paddle a training course just about every day and do not pay out a lot attention to the time)

So the web-net is this. I burn up 923 calories per hour on a standard Stand-Up Paddle work out.

It is exciting to me that the my heart price was as large as it was. On a standard extensive-length bicycle trip (on a Cervelo S1), my heart amount averages in the low mid 130’s. When I paddle I you should not actually feel that I am functioning as really hard as my heart price (147) would indicate. I also you should not really feel as “beat” when I am carried out paddling as when I trip.

So that is my tiny review. I guess the uncomplicated summary is that, though my findings are not “scientific” they do present that paddling is a great minimal-impact core exercise routine. If I burned the 822 energy all through a usual training and did it 5 times a week I would shed above 1 pound a week (assuming my calorie consumption stayed reliable).

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