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How to Fix a Broken Relationship the Cosmo Way


If you’ve ever read Cosmo magazine, then you know it’s full of relationship advice on how to have better sex and enjoy your relationship in every way. It also offers plenty of ideas on how you can fix rocky relationships.

If you’re always having issues with your partner there are a few things you can do to fix your broken relationship. Read this article to discover the top 5 things you do must to enjoy a better relationships.

1#: Respect Yourself
This is the foundation for any successful relationship. Men and Women choose those they’re the most comfortable with. If you have low self esteem, you may find yourself in a series of bad relationships. Respect yourself and the fact that you deserve to have a great relationship with quality people. Don’t allow others into your life who have no respect for you or your happiness.

Even if you’re partner respects you, take the time to boost your confidence and self esteem. It will help your relationships skills and allow you to express yourself in a way you can enjoy.

2#: Pay Attention Your Own Needs First
The truth is, relationships are all about you. If you’re not happy then there’s point in really being in the relationship. That doesn’t you have to be selfish or vain. Just realize that if you’re not meeting your own needs first then your relationship will ultimately suffer.

3#: Pay Attention To Your Partner’s Needs
Second to meeting your own needs is meeting your partners needs. Take infidelity for example. If you find that your partner has cheated on you, then ask why they need to see someone else. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but if your partner isn’t happy or satisfied then your relationship could be in trouble.

Talk to your partner and find out if they’re really happy. If they’re not then, you both will have to work together if you want to stay together and keep your relationship afloat.

4# Deal With Past Issues
This is the silent killer of many relationships. Sometimes you may have issues from the past that could sabotage your current relationship. Maybe there are trust issues or experiences that you never let go of. Talk to your partner and let them know what happened. Talk to a friend. If not, you’ll never resolve the issues that could ruin your relationships later on.

5#:Learn To Forgive And Forget
Nearly every relationship hits a rough patch now and again. If you want to fix a broken relationship learn to forgive the mistakes your partner made and forget. If you can’t forget at least don’t bring up past mistakes if they’re already water under the bridge. Relationships need to be flexible so they can last over time.

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