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If the Door is Closed on Your Relationship, How Do You Reopen it to Get Your Ex Back?


Your ex just left you and slammed the door in your face! It is done and over, he or she is absolutely not looking back! You are going good grief I did not stand a chance at all! Well, maybe there is hope after all!

Ok, so your ex is tiffed and acting like the Wicked Witch of the West. Well, something was bothering them and you apparently was so stupid you didn’t have even a clue! So, give them a few days to cool off and turn back to normal, well you hope!

So, sit down and figure out what happened and went wrong. What did you miss that your ex could clearly see it. Did you not listen, did you blow her off and not spend time with her anymore, did you not help her out with the house, you name it is just lying there.

Now, try to go and fix it. You probably will have to start with you. Take a look in a mirror, you like what you see? Probably not!

After a few days, contact your ex and tell them you are so sorry for what happened. You clearly can see what the problem was and it was you. You are working very hard to correct the problems and will get back to them as soon as you know they are fixed.

Well, your ex will have their mouth on the ground! Wow! They really are sincere and they really mean they are sorry! They will sit back and think about the phone call.

You probably still both love each other, it is just your stubborn pride that is getting in the way! Just really talk to each other and listen this time around!

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