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Is the price of superfoods justified in the market?

For some time now, the so-called superfoods. Many experts assure that no food has the characteristics to be classified as such, and many others use this term to highlight a food with important properties for Health.

Either way, it seems that giving the title of superfood to any product has an impact in terms of its past in the market. Thus, the nutritionist and pharmacist Álvaro Domínguez, from the IMSKE hospital, talks about this aspect.

“Its high price is not justified and most of them are found in common products”, explains this specialist. And it is that he adds that they are sold as unique properties of certain superfoods, although it is possible to find them in other foods of daily use.

Similar nutritional properties

An example is the nutritional relationship between a traditional food such as broccoli and other foods of the same family treated as superfoods; like kale and bimi.

Is the price of superfoods justified in the market?

These three foods provide few calories and are rich in minerals, such as iron, potassium, calcium or magnesium. In addition, they are also a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber and water.

Nutritionally, these three similar foods are very similar. However, the difference of every product on the market is considerably significant. While the kilo of broccoli is 1.19 euros per kilo; a kilo of kale is 6.20 euros and that of bimi is 11.25 euros.

As we can see, the price difference is abysmal. This is also something that happens with chia, a product that obtains the label of superfood for its contribution of w-3, an essential fatty acid for the body.

“However, this acid can also be found in oily fish, and in addition, the intake with this food will be more important than with what we can normally add chia to yogurt; “For this reason, and since most of the nutrients it contains appear in other common foods, you could say that its price is not justified,” says Dr Domínguez.

Everyday superfoods

As we pointed out earlier, superfoods have had a big impact in recent years due to their specific properties at the nutritional level. However, nutritionists report other more common and traditional options, which are also more affordable on the pocket.

“Aunque el consumo cotidiano de ellos nos ha hecho no darles la importancia que se merecen, nuestra cesta de la compra se ha llenado desde siempre con superalimentos tales como el aceite de oliva, el pescado azul como los boquerones, sardinas, caballa y el aguacate , among others. Extra virgin olive oil can be classified as the star superfood and the most consumed by everyone for years, ”explains lvaro Domínguez.

In this sense, extra virgin olive oil can be considered a super food because it is a healthy fat, with an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, cocoa also stands out, to which can be attributed the same properties as extra virgin olive oil due to the presence of components such as polyphenols.

Likewise, the blue fish mentioned above could also be classified as a super health food. They are rich in protein and quality omega-3 fats, in addition to providing good doses of vitamin D.

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