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MI40 Review

Canadian IFBB bodybuilder and Mr. Canada 2008, Ben Pakulski, released a new fitness guide. It promises to provide you with twice the muscle gain in half the time. The learning guide aims to help professional bodybuilders. The book can also be used by men and women who want to have better gains in less time.

It’s known for a fact that anyone who competes in high-level pro bodybuilding uses PEDs to improve their gains. This training manual has a smart way of redirecting the issue. Ben Pakulski clearly states that doesn’t matter what supplements or enhancement drug you’re taking. Making your body work optimally will maximize your gains from the outside.

This training manual also might be the best guide to help you accomplish better results. It is best when you find yourself on a plateau or has a hard time gaining muscle definition.

What Is MI40?

For people, who spent countless of times in the gym without seeing any precise results or pro athletes experiencing a stump, this manual has a lot to offer. The nutritional part of the book is quite impressive if you are trying to build lean mass. It details excellent sources medium to high protein without cutting off on needed fats and carbs.

MI40 Review

The author also has some straight-out great recommendations logically backed by pro bodybuilder insider secrets. Among some of the tips, he points out the timing of macronutrient absorption to increase muscle gains – something that most bodybuilders fail to acknowledge.

With the MI40, Pakulski focuses on four major principles to help you achieve better workout results.These are time under tension, the appropriate range of motion, increasing muscular torque, and neurological overload. Combining the principles into your routine will help you achieve superior gains.

More Than Supplements

First, this is more than the supplements and powder shakes. Getting the definition you want involves a good knowledge of what happens to your body before, during, and after workouts. Second, this manual is an eye-opener at what you are doing wrong. Moreover, it shows how you can improve your workouts for maximum growth.

The whole program is based on the concept of helping you achieve better gains in just 40-days. That is why the namesake is MI40 and with MI denoting to Mass Intelligence. It features a step-by-step guide on the workouts you need to do. It also shares a full 53-page nutritional handbook, and workout videos among others.

Included in the program are:
  • 40-Day Mass Intelligence Manual
  • 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual
  • The 40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Video Series

Exclusive Bonuses:

  • 40-Day Mass Proportion Exercise Execution Guide
  • 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets
  • The 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar
  • 40-Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol
  • Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

Now, that’s a lot from our point of view!

Who Is Ben Pakulski?

Ben Pakulski is an IFBB bodybuilder and a known personality in the bodybuilding industry. He is nicknamed the Pak-Man and has been a weightlifting enthusiast since the age of fifteen. Pakulski has had some defining pro-athlete titles including being the 2008 winner of Mr. Canada Competition. Over the years, he has also increased his Arnold Classics standing, placing 2nd in 2013.

Ben Pakulski author

Pakulski’s fabulous physique has graced the covers of several magazines including Sport Revue, Flex, Muscle Insider, and Muscular Development. He is a feature writer in Flex Magazine and has a large following in the fitness world. During his early professional days, Pakulski received coaching from two of the highly influential bodybuilding figures, Charles Glass and Charles Paliquin.

Behind all the prestige of his acclaims, pro-athlete holds a degree in Kinesiology, graduating with honors at the University of Western Ontario. He is a constant personality in the bodybuilding world helping aspiring bodybuilders with seminars and coaching programs for nutrition and exercises science.

What Will You Learn From MI40?

The MI40 program aims to hit the mark in just 40 days. Though intended for experienced bodybuilders, the training manual can also be used by beginners to help them understand the inner workings of muscle gains.

The first part of the training guide aims to rapidly increase your muscle growth and keep you motivated to work forward. It features some of the most highly efficient workout and dietary plans not only to increase muscle mass but also enhance your strength levels. Ben Pakulski promises you’ll see better results in just 40-day of rigorous training and healthy nutritional intakes.

mi40 review

The Instruction Workout Videos are quite impressive because it teaches you the proper techniques and executions effectively targeting the right muscle area. This part of the program is highly useful for beginners and can be a good refresher for advanced gym goers. MI40 also has a Printable Workout Sheet, a perfect companion when going to the gym. You can print them, so you have a guide when going to the gym.

Though muscle gains may not be immediate, this training manual can help you increase muscle growth. It breaks muscle plateau which is often experienced by professional bodybuilders doing the same routine over and over. MI40 will help you break PRs again without stressing your muscle to the brink.

More Information

But more than the hysteria about muscle gains, this manual has a solid backing to increase your motivation. It immerses you into a good strategy where you find a solid ground to increase your commitment to new programs. MI40 will help you regain your focus removing your mindset from excuses that impede your momentum.

Though the program is highly effective, it is not a magic solution. You obviously need actually to do the program to achieve results. The plan though is highly intended for hardcore bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle mass. But beginners can get powerful insights from reading the book and following the step-by-step guides. This training manual promises to provide a substantial gain in just forty days. Something definitely worth a try if you are a hard gainer or is experiencing a plateau.

MI40 Pros & Cons

</p> <p><strong>Pros</strong></p> <p>
  • The program was developed by an elite bodybuilder with a degree in Kinesiology.
  • MI40 is a product of a great fourteen years of training and the cultivated knowledge of bodybuilding by the author.
  • The MI40 program was developed to enhance your body’s natural anabolic production without using steroids and other performance enhancement drugs.
  • Easy to follow programs with an instructional guide on which foods will help increase your gains.
  • The nutritional manual is filled with dietary knowledge on how to build a lean muscle mass.
  • Training videos are simple and easy to follow with clear pictures if you do not have time for watching the accompanying video instructions.
  • As a bonus, the author adds some of his muscle building secrets in an audiophile without mentioning the use of PEDs.
  • Includes a 60-day money back guarantee

mi40 works

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • You need to work hard and be motivated throughout the entire course for the MI40 program to work.
  • Requires you to change your gym habits and a long-term commitment to the whole course.
  • The program tries to explore a 7-day detoxification process which can be worthless for healthy people since they have their kidneys gall bladder, and liver working to maximum efficiency.
  • The manual’s promise of giving you twice the muscle is technically misleading because you do not fully develop the muscle mass the writer has in just a short span of forty days unless you take PEDs.
  • Intrusive pitches from several add-ons when you purchase the product online.

Does MI40 Work?

In so much as motivation is involved, the MI40 will work given that dedication to better your workout results stems from being focused on what you want to achieve. This training manual though requires you to be fully dedicated to the included plans to see results effectively. The routines and exercises are nearly impossible for beginners to perform and would require basic full-body training to develop a good weightlifting form.

best mi40 reviews

The central training manual and the added nutritional guide is very useful in addressing topics about muscle mass gains. This can be good for advanced powerlifters who have a hard time getting over their own plateaus. The one-hour long audiophile is where the author discloses his secrets. It provides a good look at how you can further increase your muscle mass.

MI40 is a comprehensive guide for advanced health buffs and gym goers. This is for those who want to address their issues of not having the muscle mass they intend to have. It has a beautiful guide that details what you need to do and what you need to eat to have muscle gains you want to have.

</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>

If you are asking whether MI40 is worth your money, the answer is a definite yes. The program was written by a trusted name in the bodybuilding profession. This lets you in on the secrets to his fabulous physique. Though some of the topics aren’t useful, they are additional eye openers and are included without any extra charge.

If you want to have the exact definition you are looking for, this training manual can help you!

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