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My Bikini Belly Review

Nowadays, getting and staying in shape are arguably the most important struggles to most of us, especially for the women. If you ask any random woman what features she likes most, you will most likely hear a perfect body. For most women, regardless of age, the optimum goal is not to lose the shape of their body.

However, when women age, staying in shape becomes a tough challenge. Most of the women who have given birth are having a hard time getting back in their old shape. As a result, a lot of young moms are hitting the gym after work to shed some extra pounds. In addition, the gym is the only way to get those firm muscles back.

Aside from going to the gym, there is also a wealth of products offering fast ways to lose weight. The problem is, they all promise but only a few provide results. Because of this, consumers are a bit more skeptical about these kinds of products. One product that advertises itself as an effective solution to bring back women’s old body shape is My Bikini Belly.

Is it really effective? Who should use it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this product? Is it safe for my body as an adult woman? In this review, we will try to answer this and all other questions related to My Bikini Belly.

What Is My Bikini Belly?

This is a comprehensive program that disproves many beliefs about exercise. It reveals how consumers are easily deceived by the diet industry for several years now. The program proves that it could be more effective to do a short variety of workouts. This is in contrast to the traditional belief of burning time on lengthy exercise routines.

My Bikini Belly Review

The program was created by Shawna Kaminski and crafted it to help women ages above 35 years old obtain their slim bikini body. The program also covers the concept of Metabolic Activation Training. This idea claims that you have to stimulate all three parts the natural system of the body. These parts must synchronize to lose fat in the belly.

The Metabolic Activation Training works effectively for women over the age of 35. This is due to the related hormonal changes in the body. These changes enable a targeted and smart way to lose fat in the belly. In fact, a large portion of the program talks about how to deal with hormones.

Fast Results

My Bikini Belly is a quick and simple workout course that aims to stimulate the body by burning the fats in the targeted areas. It is a 21-day fitness course crafted especially for women who have accumulated belly fat due to menopause. The gene is responsible for this fat deposit in women’s body due to an outdated strategy.

The idea behind this program is very simple; your body wants to be healthy. However, given the amount of stress and activities most women do, they gradually deteriorate. This is further made worse by the quality of food that women eat at this age.

What is interesting about this workout is that it teaches you the things that you should do. These things are simple and fast that even those who are time-constrained can do it. Through workout, your body releases hormones that increase the metabolism, which burns fat while you are asleep.

Who Is Shawna Kminsaki?

Shawna author

Shawna Kminsaki is the author of My Bikini Belly. She is more than 50 years old and was previously a popular athlete representing Canada. She is a fitness model with a long list of awards and titles under her belt. This includes winning the Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship. She is also won twice in Toughest Calgarian Alive.

Kaminski was a contender at skiing and swimming during the National Canadian Competition. Aside from these Kaminski owns the NW Fit Body Boot Camp it is a gym is located in Calgary. Some of her clients can be seen in the videos demonstrating different workouts included in the program.

What Will You Learn From My Bikini Belly?

The main benefit of My Bikini Belly program is the decrease of fats in the belly through the Metabolic Activation Training. This has three major parts and includes deactivating the hormones that cause weight buildup. As a result, you activate a special hormone that tightens and shrinks. Lastly, it increases your metabolism, which is very significant in burning belly fats.

My Bikini Belly review

Aside from this, the program offers a comprehensive exercise guide. It educates you about the various kinds of exercises, their forms, and purposes. It also comes with easy to follow 15-minute videos. In addition, these videos contain three people of varying skill levels. They are the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced. This helps you follow the person in the video who are of the same level as yours.

The main objective of this program is to help you achieve the body that you want and deserve. The program will also improve your skin health, promote healthier teeth, and overall enhance your confidence. The program is categorized into three workout sessions.

Workout 1, The Belly Flush

This is the first part of the My Bikini Program that teaches you to shut off menopause molecules. When you are able to turn these molecules off, you will be able to take control of your body. It contains a variety of simple exercise routines to make sure that you stimulate the fat burning component of your metabolism.

Workout 2, Bikini Belly Burn

The Bikini Belly Burn is the second part of the program. It concentrates on stimulating the hormone responsible for shrinking the fats in the belly. Your body will begin recalibrating your hormones and will help in increased metabolism.

Workout 3, Bikini Belly Blast

Bikini Belly Blast is the final part of the program that concentrates on maximizing your metabolism while shedding off fats. It is consists of exercise routines that are easy to follow. It also helps the body to activate the anti-aging molecule.

My Bikini Belly Pros & Cons

</p> <p><strong>Pro</strong><strong>s</strong></p> <p>
  • The program is made by a trustworthy person with an impressive list of achievements in physical fitness. She also owns a gym that helps people gain more self-confidence. Shawna Kaminski is a real person and not just a person created on the Internet.
  • The program offers convenience especially that it is for women above 35 years old who are usually working. My bikini Belly uses your own body to lose weight and does not require any equipment. The exercise routines are easy and do not require a large space to perform.
  • It offers slow but gradual progress. This is to ensure that you not only lose weight fast but you embrace the routine and change your lifestyle.
  • The videos are brief but of high quality. It also shows three people of various difficulty levels that you can follow. The videos are also very easy to follow aside from its high-quality production. Kaminski also featured the people in her gym in Calgary and some even demonstrated the workouts.
  • The program is custom made for women. The author definitely knows a lot about the woman’s body chemistry.

best My Bikini Belly review

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • The program does not have a meal or diet plan. It does not advise on what you should eat or not eat. This could be a bit of a problem especially to those who tend to eat a lot to compensate for the workout.

Does My Bikini Belly Work?

The most important question that this review must answer is if My Bikini Belly is effective. Based on the feedback, reviews, and testimonials, it appears that My Bikini Belly is effective and has proven results. The program is supported by science and was tried and tested by the creator herself.

Most of the feedback claim that they achieved a toned chest, lose fat in the abdomen area, tight and strong muscles, and formed abs. My Bikini Belly comes with a Quick Start Guide that will help you start the program in the right way.

My Bikini Belly reviews

It does not include scientific terms, fitness jargons, and technical details that could confuse you. Instead, it offers simple and easy to follow instructions to ensure that you follow it correctly. Aside from this, it provides a 15-minute video that you can also follow.

If you evaluate the entire program, you will notice that it does not touch about nutrition. This could be an oversight especially that nutrition is very important when working out. It would be more comprehensive if Kaminski included even a brief overview of nutrition so users could have a guide.

Despite this, My Bikini Belly still contains effective fat burning exercise routines and fitness regimens. After all, a successful professional trainer created it. Overall, this is a good workout product that targets women undergoing one of the most difficult parts of their lives, menopause.

</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>

My Bikini Belly is simple and direct to the point program intended for women above 35 years old. It is very easy to follow and comes with videos to ensure that you get the instruction and follow it right. Overall, My Bikini Belly is a program that contains various workout routines to help women get back and stay in shape.

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