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Numerology and Subconscious Mind – What it Means to Keep Seeing the Same Numbers Over and Over


Several, quite a few individuals have instructed us about acquiring the expertise of regularly looking at the same variety, or amount pattern. Probably they appear at the clock and see 11:34, then look at a store receipt total of $11.34, then hear of a historic occasion going on in the yr 1134 BC, all in the exact day. Or they maintain viewing the exact same range or numbers for months, even several years.

We feel it’s typically a subconscious, even super-aware, attachment to the energy driving the quantities. Together with indicating quantity, as we have described prior to, every single quantity signifies a distinct style of power, or high-quality.

Because we believe that, based on our exploration, that all points come about for a purpose and that get (as numerologically represented by numbers), as an alternative of chaos or randomness, exists in this universe, you noticing pick out numbers once more and again retains that means.

In a heightened point out of intellect, constructive or detrimental (e.g., joy or trauma), a human being sees a particular variety and that range might be burned into their subconscious.

Or, a person consciously, “randomly” chooses a specified number 1 working day for what ever rationale and that selection proves to be valuable, and they adhere with it, calling it “blessed.”

Or, a human being reads somewhere that the variety 943, for illustration, equals prosperity and divine guidance (even if it isn’t going to), so they embrace that selection and subjectively look at it as fortuitous.

It is really also prevalent for a person to have a fixation with particular numbers that are considerable in his/her personal numerology charts, in advance of even recognizing nearly anything about his/her charts. This too could be regarded an unconscious attachment.

For example, a man or woman has potent “3” vitality in the positions of the charts representing internal drive, commitment, and that with which they are most at ease. That man or woman claims “… any time I see ‘3’ (or 111, or 12, etc.)
I know it truly is a excellent indicator, I’ve generally liked the number 3… “

In numerous circumstances, it appears to us that the subject’s unconscious, even larger-self, may well be making an attempt to make them consciously aware of something.

If you want a lot more clarity, it would have to have you to decipher the power guiding the numbers.

Use the Number Symbolism manual under. It is totally dependable with the most reputable resources.

Hold in intellect that the strength symbolism behind particular figures has remained the identical for eons it is a strong and responsible tradition, rooted in goal empirical observation. We make this point so that you keep away from wasting time with new, artistic, subjective (and bogus) interpretations, this kind of as individuals in some modern New Age publications.

It really is unlucky to see numerological misinformation posted by popular New Age authors. Most signify perfectly, but they are in a placement exactly where a good deal of people believe almost everything they say and publish, so shallow and fake interpretations do absolutely nothing extra than mislead, confuse, and tarnish the graphic of the science of numerology. As has been mentioned, the New Age has a negative identify for a superior purpose.

When deciphering several-digit figures, use fadic addition to decrease all figures to a one digit. The single digit, the root range, is the most essential number. For example, 7556 = 7+5+5+6 = 23 = 2+3 = 5.

Also, an specific number’s potency in a a number of-digit amount is dependent on its position. In the amount 7556, 7 is strongest, then 5, then the up coming 5, and 6 carries the weakest power force in this several-digit range.

At this time, don’t problem oneself with translating the remaining parts of a many-digit quantity immediately after lessening it to a solitary digit. The specific quantities (together with the 7000, 500, and 50, comprising 7556, for instance) of the first a number of-digit variety also have relative representation, but these are topics for superior study/interpretation. Grasp Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99) and Karmic Credit card debt quantities (13, 14, 16, and 19) are also much more concerned topics.

Be sure to note that when you get into state-of-the-art interpretation past cutting down all a number of-digit figures to a solitary selection, stay clear of erroneously chopping up numerous-digit numbers in this kind of a style: deriving 84, 32, and 415, for instance, from 8432415, or extracting 11, or 311 from 3113.

We say erroneous due to the fact by way of our many a long time of empirical investigate this type has confirmed to be invalid. Other than, every treasured, workable, numerical kabala (or cabala–sacred quantity and/or letter codes employed to derive meaning/fact) all through heritage, which include the sacred historical Hebrew Kabbalah, alternatively makes use of the subsequent approach: 8432415, for example, is comprised of 8000000, 400000, 30000, 2000, 400, 10, and 5 and then 27 (by means of fadic addition adding up all the numbers), and 9 (the root amount, including 2+7 of 27).

The exception to this rule is if you glance at a numerical sequence and only “see” element of it. For example, you glance at 1338 and only “see” the 33 (your unconscious or better-self is fixed on those people two quantities only). Consequently, you accept it and disregard the other figures. 33 = 3+3=6. See under for a lot more info about the number 6.

Nevertheless, the figures, no issue how they are encountered, normally stand for the exact styles of strength. For instance, just as progressiveness is not involved with the root quantity 4, gregariousness is not linked to the root amount 7.

We’ve also encountered people who have an unheard of connection to other proportions (as represented by the exceptional patterns in their comprehensive numerology and astrology charts) and they “get details” by way of numerical indications and as a result of other methods, substantially far more freely than most individuals, whether they want to or not. Frequently, the obtaining of these “messages” can be unsettling and spectacular, until eventually they turn into comfy with it.

Once you move further than any concern and get in contact with your unconscious, align yourself additional firmly with your larger-self/tremendous-conscious, and/or embrace a possible unheard of “connection,” you’ll be in a situation to decipher the messages far more effortlessly.

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