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Relationship Advice For Women: Why Being Suspicious Of Your Man Will Make Him Love You More


This relationship advice for women is something that I know will catch your attention. When you marry a man, you have to trust him all the way. If he’s carrying you on a tightrope over the Niagara Falls blindfolded, you have to trust him. Only then can he get you across safely. Obviously I’m joking there. But seriously, trust isn’t always a good thing. Trust makes you open and vulnerable. We men like smart women and when women become too trusting, this can become a problem. By exercising mild suspicion of your man, we’ll actually love you more. Still confused? Read on and then you’ll see what I mean.

1. Make Us Work For Your Trust

Trust is part of the Marriage Triad: trust, respect and love. People often say that they are all just a part of love but I think that that’s untrue. You need one to have the other two. They are all interlinked.

If you trust us too much, it doesn’t mean as much to us anymore. We will devalue it and then we can’t love you, since the trust is meaningless to us. Your trust has to be earned by us and it must be hard to obtain.

2. Common Sense

Women who exercise suspicion have common sense. They don’t let their emotions get the better of them or listen to what other people say. They have to prove something themselves and make sure that it’s true before they believe it.

This includes things that we say. We would prefer it that you don’t trust us until you see or hear proof that what we say is true. We would be proud to be married to a wife who is distrusting and only trusts the facts, since that sort of wife is a smart woman.

3. Suspicion Is Strength

Women who are suspicious are generally stronger than women who are trusting. It’s not that they’re paranoid it’s just that they erect more barriers that men have to get over to get what they want. That makes you harder to get to, which makes us want you more.

We can’t help but be attracted to women who are mysterious and aloof. The joy in getting through to a woman who is a tower of strength is immense, since once we do get through to her, the woman inside is beautiful.

This relationship advice for women is something that you should be trying to abide by. I wouldn’t write about it unless it was important. Be a bit suspicious, make us work harder and we will definitely love you more as our wife in the end once we get through to you.

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