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Self Hypnosis: Why Learn Self Hypnosis?


What I’m about to tell you in this article will probably be the greatest gift you have ever received. I want to give you the motivation to be selfish; to do something for yourself that will bring great joy and meaning into your life. I want to introduce you to a science that, once learned, will change you completely. You need to learn self hypnosis.

The mind is the most powerful tool known to man. It can create; it can dream; and it can heal the body at an incredible rate. The key to using this fantastic organism is learning to focus its energy properly. This is not as hard as you might think nor does it take long years of study. As a matter of fact, self hypnosis can be learned and applied effectively in as little as two weeks.

With self hypnosis it is possible to completely remove pain, to lose weight, to stop smoking and prolong life by reducing stress and controlling your heart rate. All this is made possible through accessing your subconscious mind.

The reason for accessing the subconscious is simple. The subconscious mind controls all of your involuntary actions, or the things you do not consciously need to think about to function. Take for example your breathing. You don’t need to think “take a breath” every time you inhale. Your subconscious does this for you automatically. The goal of self hypnosis then becomes the bypassing of the conscious mind to access the subconscious. This is where the changes can take place and everything becomes possible.

Think of your subconscious as a computer. It begins programming itself at conception and continues until the day you die. All of your memories, all of your emotions and all of your ideology are stored in your subconscious and remains on file until you need to draw on them to complete a required action.

You have probably already experienced this on more than one occasion. Maybe you were completely lost in thought when someone dropped an object that made a loud, sharp sound when it hit the floor. Without conscious thought, you immediately ducked and made an evasive maneuver to avoid injury. That is the power of the subconscious. It acted to protect you without any conscious direction or thought on your part.

By using self hypnosis you will be able to open those files and make positive changes in your life. You will no longer have to suffer with baseless fears or phobias and finally, you will feel in charge.

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