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Switchword Subliminals: A New And Better Way To Benefit From Subliminal Messaging


If you do a search for subliminal audios or subliminal messaging in general you will be inundated with results.

Using subliminal messages to create life changes is well established. It’s been around for decades. I recall my first subliminal audio. This was in the 80s, when they were hot, my mother had tons of tapes so I curiously tried some of them. I was still young and without a ton of Subconscious blocks so the programs worked very well. However, as I grew older I found they stopped working. It was only much later in life that I discovered why.

There are audios to help every conceivable problem. Subliminal audio and video programs took off exponentially and although it has slowed, it is still used today by many teachers. Even some advertisers use it. In many countries Subliminal Advertising has been made illegal. The reason for that is because IT WORKS.

Most subliminal audios have affirmations such as ” I am wonderful just as I am” embedded behind relaxing music or sounds of nature. The idea is that the subconscious mind can detect messages that are beyond the conscious mind’s perception. This allows the messages to bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious. Generally this will work if you do not have substantial subconscious blocks.

But what if you do have deeply rooted blocks and habits?

Well, then, conventional Subliminals may not work, in fact, they might make your situation worse.

Here is why.

The Subconscious mind, as we get older collects all our experiences, much of it gleaned from hard times but also good times as well. This collection of information is the root of all our habits, both good and bad. The Subconscious mind creates a loop with this information. As this loop is reinforced the habits become entrenched. It’s for this reason they say ” Old habits die hard”. The subconscious mind will make sure to keep them that way. It’s not doing this out of malice, but out of convenience. Since we introduced these negative thoughts and constantly reinforced them, the subconscious mind did us a “favor” by making them routine.

But here is the problem. When the subconscious mind is exposed to positive affirmations it doesn’t suddenly relinquish the bad thoughts and habits, it tries to embed them deeper. Why? Because the subconscious mind is fighting to make sure the routine stays put. Remember, old habits die hard. All those ” affirmations” will be thrown out of your mind because there is nothing proving otherwise. Just saying the affirmations is useless. All is not lost, one modality can bypass this subconscious tendency of habit entrenchment and that is Switchwords.

Switchwords were discovered by a man named James T. Mangan. In his book “The Secret of Perfect Living” he states that the subconscious mind has several “switches” that when flipped, can result in certain outcomes. Thus the name “Switchwords“.

These words are single words and are often found in various combinations. They are, in many ways one-word affirmations. Unlike the traditional affirmations that contain statements that your subconscious does not believe is true, Switchwords, bypass the “interpretive” aspect of your mind and engages the subconscious mind directly, thus making the desired result a bit more automatic.

Switchwords, give no opportunity for the subconscious mind to block or interpret the words. It simply switches the state on.

Another great benefit of Switchwords is that you don’t need to believe in them in order for them to work. You can’t say that for traditional affirmations.

Since both subliminal audio/video and switchwords communicate on the subconscious level, a new technology was developed that pairs both Switchwords and Subliminal technology together. This brings out the power in both modalities. I have been using them together successfully and I know others will find it useful as well.

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