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The 50 best quotes from Severo Ochoa

Severo Ochoa de Albornoz has been recognized as one of the biggest names in the world of medicine and science, thanks to his studies and experiences which have earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Although he was a doctor of Spanish descent, he was later nationalized as an American, due to the conflicts in his country at that time.

In this article you will find a selection of phrases by Severo Ochoa to learn more about the life of this researcher.

Severo Ochoa’s Most Memorable Phrases

By virtue of his professional and personal trajectory, this scientist left behind him great reflections on various subjects of life. Therefore, below we will review the most interesting thoughts and quotes from Severo Ochoa.

1. Love is physical and chemical.

On the origin of love.

2. There has been a lot of discussion about the mission of the University. To me that essentially means the same thing that, with his great clairvoyance and characteristic brilliance, Ortega defined over fifty years ago. It can be summed up in a few words: that of disseminating and creating culture. This is how Cajal saw her.

A reflection on the role of universities in the training of their students.

3. I was born in Asturias and for me the “reality” begins naturally with Asturias.

He never forgot his birthplace.

4. Although I was born on a street in the town of Luarca near the church, my knowledge of Asturias begins in the nearby village of Villar, on the plateau which ends with a steep and magnificent cliff constantly battered at its base. by the sea.

Talk about the beautiful landscapes of his native country.

5. When it comes to science, New York offers an impressive variety of seminars and conferences.

Taking New York as the epitome of scientific development.

6. Why settle for living in the trailer when you want to fly?

Never remain conformist.

7. I always say that anything that contributes to increasing human knowledge must be done, even if it is not known what may come next.

Any positive or negative knowledge is necessary.

8. Comforting myself with Carmen’s death would seem to be a betrayal of her.

On the way after the death of his wife.

9. It would be very difficult for my wife and I to get used to living elsewhere now.

After so many years, New York has become his home.

10. Despite our long residence outside Spain, we have been returning annually or every two years for many years now for periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

What was once your home is now just a fond memory.

11. Science is always worthwhile because its findings, sooner or later, still apply.

The importance of science.

12. That doesn’t mean I’m having a bad time, no. I travel, listen to music, etc.

Bring out the positive side behind everything. What matters is that we move forward.

13. There are scientists who are very religious, even extremely religious, and others who are not.

Personal religious beliefs should not be at odds with science.

14. We often go to Asturias, which we find more and more beautiful and welcoming. (…) In Asturias we had and still have very dear family and close friends.

A place that still means a lot to them.

15. The Spaniards are intolerant, they want others to think like them.

A critique of the attitude of some Spaniards in his time.

16. It did not fall from the sky, it fell from the greatest scientific personality that Spain has had and one of the greatest the world has had, who was Don Santiago Ramón y Cajal, and to because of the readings of his works.

Good things are achieved through our efforts, preparation and perseverance.

17. In principle, research needs more people than resources.

Many investigators do not seek fame.

18. This is where we have spent the summer for as long as I can remember. To the south, the mountain, soft, with every shade of green imaginable; to the north, the Cantabrian Sea, sometimes calm to blue, more often gray, blackish and threatening.

A very memorable and peaceful summer.

19. I got used to living because I am too cowardly to step aside.

His real motivation to hang on to life after his wife’s death.

20. My wife, Carmen Cobián, is also Asturian, from Gijón. We got married, in Castizo Asturian, in the cave of Covadonga.

A particular aspect that the two had in common.

21. I have been madly in love with Carmen all my life.

A love that lasted the entire time they were together and beyond.

22. There is a defense investigation, which in the United States is called classified, ie secret.

Talk about America’s tendency to classify many of its studies as secrets.

23. Over the years, my memory returns to Villar, where I had saturated my senses with “Nature” and where later my mind began to mature and my mind was shaped by reading and study.

The environment that marked him for life and the one who brought him the most peace to recall in his memory.

24. My earliest memories are from Asturias, in particular from Gijón and Luarca.

Talk about their place of origin.

25. No city can offer so much in all aspects of cultural and intellectual life.

A reference to life in New York.

The 50 best quotes from Severo Ochoa

26. I don’t believe in the supernatural.

Be firm in the face of their non-beliefs.

27. I no longer work, but I talk a lot with young scientists, I advise them if necessary.

The way he lived the last years of his life.

28. Time is busy. But I have no interest in life.

The way he felt his reality after losing Carmen.

29. However, when we investigate, we do not really wonder whether the application of our findings could be dangerous.

Many simple or innocent discoveries have turned out to be lethal weapons.

30. In Gijón, during the winter, I went to school, in Luarca I spent the summer.

The way his youth unfolded.

31. Of course, efforts should be made to prevent the use of that which can harm humanity.

Any scientific discovery detrimental to humanity must be contained.

32. I have devoted myself to research on life and I do not know why or why it exists.

Life is a perpetual mystery.

33. I am not looking for easy consolation. I prefer not to have consolation.

His idea of ​​facing them was overwhelming them.

34. Every time I answer no to a question like this, I get a lot of letters trying to convince me that I am wrong.

On responses to comments that showed disagreement.

35. My wife was a believer, not me; but we always live very happy, respecting our ideas.

Our adherence to a religion does not prevent disrespecting the beliefs of others.

36. In the beginning, when we had more energy, we didn’t miss any important exhibitions.

Showing the adventurous enthusiasm they had as a couple.

37. There I began reading original research articles in a French journal, the Journal de Physiologie et Pathologie Générale, to which I subscribed when I was in my second year of medicine.

His first approach to science and medicine, of biographical interest.

38. A woman can change a man’s life trajectory.

The impact one person has on another.

39. Despite the inherent difficulties of life in big cities, I do not regret it.

Although the metropolises are full of noise and bustle, this is where Ochoa found its place.

40. And now, life without her is not life.

One of Seero Ochoa’s quotes on the pain of loss of a loved one.

41. In these times when the scientific literature has become so abundant that it is impossible to keep track of progress even in your own field, seminars, conferences and other types of meetings are essential for staying informed.

Things are constantly changing, so we have to look for information on a daily basis.

42. My basic truth is that all of time is an expanding now.

His way of observing time.

43. First in life, man learns to walk and to speak. Later, stay seated and close your mouth.

To remain calm and cautious in the moments most necessary.

44. This has never been a problem and we weren’t trying to convince ourselves of it. Sometimes she forgot to go to mass and I would say to her: “Carmen, mass …”

The interaction Ochoa had with his religious wife.

45. This is happening in many countries. Although I don’t think anyone is forced to work in these places, because a scientist cannot be forced to do what he doesn’t want to. But there are people who are asked for this dedication with moral blackmail … And when the so-called patriotism is behind, a bad thing …

Talk about manipulation towards scientists.

46. ​​Of course, the scientist must have ethical approaches.

Ethics must be an essential part of scientific work.

47. I believe that those who consciously collaborate to develop something for destructive purposes, as happened with the atomic bomb, are reprehensible.

A reference to the actions of certain scientists viewed from a moral point of view.

48. I have lived in New York for half of my life.

New York as your home away from home.

49. We often visit not only museums, but also art galleries in the city. In addition, we rarely missed a chamber music recital, a play, a symphonic or choral concert.

The daily and hectic life of Ochoa with Carmen.

50. I believe that we are that, and nothing else, physics and chemistry.

What, according to the scientist, we really are.

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