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The 70 best phrases of Fito Cabrales

Adolfo Cabrales Mato, known as Fito Cabrales, is a musician, guitarist, composer and singer of Spanish origin. He was part of the ‘Grupo Platero’ and is currently part of the rock band Fito & Fitipaldis.

In this article, we will explore the art and way of thinking of this musician through a selection of the best phrases of Fito Cabrales.

The most memorable phrases of Fito Cabrales

To commemorate the career of this great singer and his band, we present below a compilation of very interesting phrases from Fito Cabrales, with commentary.

1. I have never been interested in power or fortune, what I admire are the flowers that grow in the garbage.

Money is not everything; there are many more things in life that can motivate and inspire us.

2. I want to look at your Coca-Cola colored eyes …

A reference to dark colored eyes.

3. Tell me why you ask how much I miss you “if in every song I write, honey, you are the accent.”

When we love someone, that person becomes our muse.

4. Come to me, we can talk quietly.

Things are better if there are no conflicts.

5. I might be small but I have a castle, if you can imagine it, you can come in.

We have a lot to give.

6. It’s not because you’re telling the truth, it’s because you’ve never lied to me.

There are those who hide their lies in the truths.

7. Best of all sins: having met you. You are not without me … I am only with you.

About forbidden loves.

8. How good, today everything is so different, it seems like the world works.

Changes bring new opportunities.

9. All the things we throw into the sea are always returned to us by the tide. The more you try to forget it, the harder you remember it.

A reflection on the waste that is thrown into the sea.

10. Full moon eyes. Your gaze is of fire and my body of wax.

A demonstration of burning passion.

11. I thought I was wrong, then I thought: I’m fine here, in my blue cloud, everything is as I made it up. And the reality, pieces of glass, that in the end you have to walk barefoot.

To face reality, you need a little imagination.

12. The world is made of paper and the paper you buy.

The world is as and as you perceive it.

13. Like a lighthouse at night, I saw the light of a whiskey bar.

A reference to the fact that bars are often the refuge of many devastated people.

14. Dreams travel with the wind.

Keep your dreams alive.

15. Justice is stopped by order of greed. The money that saves you is the same money that kills.

The dark side of purchased justice.

The 70 best phrases of Fito Cabrales

16. I won’t feel bad if something goes wrong, I learned to slip and hit the wall.

Mistakes should help us improve, not give up.

17. I grew up near the train tracks and that’s why I know that sadness and joy travel on the same train.

All of life is full of good times and bad times.

18. It will be more fun when I don’t have to lose: I keep betting on five and every two times three comes out six.

All people want to be successful in their life.

19. I have always given you the kisses you never asked for.

By loving, we give everything.

20. What a pleasure! Close to madness.

Insanity is what you risk doing.

21. Spend at night what you earn during the day. Your future is shaped like a lottery ticket.

Don’t keep things to yourself and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

22. Sooner or later I know I’ll be back, every now and then, every now and then.

A phrase that motivates us to rise from the ashes.

23. There are roads where you have to walk barefoot!

We can’t control everything. Sometimes it is necessary to let go.

24. I wish I had noticed earlier. Urgency is not always what matters.

We don’t always have our priorities in order.

25. I do not remove this spider web that hangs in my room, it does nothing, it only occupies its corner.

A metaphor for leaving things in their place and without disturbing them.

26. The story of life does not come out well: either I have nights left or I have days left.

Have you ever felt like life seems to go too fast or too slow?

27. After breaking the wave, we only had the foam.

A philosophical phrase taken from the songs of the group.

28. I never felt the same defeat as when she told me it was over.

A breakup is an emotional disaster.

29. I tried several times but it never came out, I may lack willpower or become addicted.

Never stop trying. You never know when your luck will come.

30. One day luck came through my window, came one night, and left one morning; maybe he just came to teach me … what comes and goes.

Luck is a constant in life.

31. I give my love to love, and I give it for life.

A reference that should not be remembered by loving.

32. All the minutes that I haven’t been with you now are demons living with me.

About the distance from a loved one.

33. And I think if you go, the times I have you and every time you are, I will miss you.

Very common thoughts that we have when we are in a relationship.

34. I no longer know if the world is upside down or if it is I who am upside down.

A feeling of disorientation.

35. I am a fish in a cage, what I want and what I don’t want, I am whatever happens to me.

There are times when the feelings are so overwhelming that they make us feel bad.

36. Time passes so slowly in the Black Cat Club that even a twelve year old whiskey looks a little younger.

Nail metaphor on the passage of time, which invites reflection.

37. Everything and nothing must be explained.

We are always looking for an answer.

38. I will never forget you, you also remember me. He never stops growing, he never stops dying.

Life lives in everyone’s memory.

39. This life leaves us, like the smoke of this train, like a kiss in a doorway, before I count ten.

Time is running out, so make the most of it.

40. It’s the coffee’s fault that reminds me of your taste. And it was the voice that I did not hear and it was the silence that woke me up.

Many artists often associate the effects of coffee with love.

41. I’m not going to wake up because the sun is coming up.

Every moment is a good time to do something.

42. If you do not close your eyes well, much is not seen.

Beauty is more than superficial; aesthetics can transcend.

43. What will lead me to the end will be my steps, not the way. Can’t you see you’re always late when chasing fate?

The decisions we make affect our destiny.

44. You never stop growing, you never stop dying.

Every day we grow up learning something new.

45. I am the dream that dreams of you and in my dreams you are a flower.

Dreams reflect our emotions.

46. ​​There is no other reason than an always mad heart to live.

That is why it is necessary to listen to our heart.

47. The best of the sun … The radiance of the Moon.

We all have our shine.

48. School taught me little … if it’s because of these books I never learn to hold the sky with my hands, to laugh and cry what I sing to you, to sew my broken soul , to lose the fear of looking like an idiot and start the house on the roof, so that you can sleep, when you’re not by my side.

You don’t learn everything at school. But we do it with everyday life.

49. I would dance with you but I am deaf to one foot.

Are you good at dancing?

50. I don’t know how to get your half out of my heart.

A relationship should help us grow, not limit us.

51. As revenge for luck or a reward for bad life.

You can’t wait for things to happen without taking action.

52. There is a child hiding, always behind me.

Never lose that childish essence that makes us dream.

53. I have something bitter for every day, I have an end for every summer, I have a wedge next to my knee, I have the problem for the result.

A reference to the negativity that lurks.

54. It makes me sad that courage is admired in battle, thank goodness words are not killed with guns.

Wars are not to be admired.

55. When I sing, I can forget all the bad times, turn into faults of virtue.

A passion that has become his way of life.

56. And I who always go after the error, I sing what I will never have, the kiss that she never gave me.

The errors are still present.

57. I go mad again to survive the madness of life.

You have to maintain a little madness to see life differently.

58. If the night is clear, the moon’s navel is visible.

A very romantic line from one of Fito’s songs.

59. I think bars should be open to heal wounds.

Many bars end up being negative therapy for the brokenhearted.

60. I am a lie and I am real.

We are everything and we are nothing.

61. If the sky fits in a hug, there will always be a star for you.

Never lose your kindness.

62. And a voice that said to me: let yourself go if your soul takes hold of you, your heart hurts when you let go; near the end where it all begins.

There are times when you have to be spontaneous, because we cannot meet all the challenges of introspection and pure reflection.

63. We have lost our heads but not our hats.

Keep your imagination going, but don’t lose your mind.

64. What a pity to be still glued to the ground, the sky is too far. I’ll have to dream that I can fly.

Logic does not always bring us good things.

65. What remains in the gaze is not that it is hidden, but there are things which can only be seen if one passes close to the abyss.

There are realities that only show up in the most difficult times.

66. You were looking for garbage in a swept area.

Stay positive, never let negativity come over you.

67. And it’s as common as it is strange: if it can’t hurt you, it won’t make you happy.

Pain and happiness seem to go hand in hand in relationships.

68. Perhaps your heart will rejoice, there is no more reason or reason than I remembered you.

There are always those who make us feel special.

69. It is never what it could have been.

The lament of something that has ended.

70. It’s just like our life that when everything is going well, one day you turn a corner and you turn too.

There are always obstacles that we must overcome.

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