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The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

It is not a big secret that mother nature has provided everything we need to survive. Modern technology has detached us from nature so much that we have forgotten how abundant it is. Thankfully, there are some people who have not lost faith in mother nature. They continue to pass on the knowledge and information from generation to generation.

The Lost Book of Remedies is your treasure chest of remedies that mother nature offers. Even though we are now living in modern times, some people still seek natural remedies. This book will show you not just remedies but help you identify the medical plants. You will be surprised that even common weeds have medicinal properties. This book will definitely be helpful in more ways than one!

What Is The Lost Book Of Remedies?

This book will definitely come in handy. It contains information about which plants are actually medicinal and has healing properties. The book contains pictures so you can easily identify them and not mistake other plants for it. It also has information about which plants are edible and which ones are not. In case you are left to forage in the forest, you will know which ones to eat and avoid.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

It might seem challenging to search for these plants since some of them are weeds. The author also included some pointers on how you can grow them in your backyard. Not all of them will thrive in the garden. This book will teach you how you can harvest and preserve them for future use.

The biggest advantage of getting this book is you can treat your loved ones at home without any cost. All you need is this book to guide you on how to identify the plant, harvest it and prepare your remedy. Using homegrown remedies are effective and safe without the side-effects. These plants are the same basis for modern medicine. They used to harvest extracts from these plants until they started producing artificial alternatives.

What Will You Get From The Lost Book of Remedies?

This book offers an in-depth discussion and identification of plants so that people with zero knowledge will easily understand. You will find different categories, such as types and location of plants. This will help you to easily identify the plants and what exactly they can do. You will not get lost in the process because it also contains photos of the plants so you won’t get confused.

Next thing you will learn is the preparation of each plant remedy. While some plants are used as a poultice, some have to be cooked or boiled. This book will help you how to do just that in order to make full use of the plant remedy. Once you have learned the preparation, you will also learn how to use them. The dosage or how often you should apply it is all in this book.

the lost book of remedies review

What’s even more interesting is that it will also guide you on which plants are actually safe to eat when you are in the woods. For instance, cattails are not only edible wild grasses, but it’s also a very effective cure for severe skin infections.

And although the roots and stem are edible, the jelly-like substance between the leaves is not. It is not poisonous though, it is s a great cure for funguses in the foot and nails. But this substance has a numbing effect which is why it is not for eating.

More Than You Think

This book is not limited to plant remedies, it also contains information about medicinal trees. Trees that you can also derive food from. It will teach you the use of each part of the tree, from the fruit, trunk and even the roots that can all be used for healing and survival.

Finally, this book contains common treatments used by our ancestors to treat common illnesses such as fever, flu, sore throat, etc. You will discover home remedies that you can add to your kitchen cabinet or medicinal kit. We have a lot of items in our kitchen that has healing properties that we are not even aware of. This book is a comprehensive list of what these plants and remedies can do which is vital for our survival.

Does the Lost Book of Remedies Work?

A lot of people are understandably skeptical about the effects and results of this book, especially because they are all natural. Long have we lost confidence in backyard medicine. We have been so used to the modern pill whenever we are sick. While they work to address the affected areas or health issues at hand, it also poses harmful side-effects.

This book will help you learn more about plants and what they can do to you. Although there are a lot of technical things you will encounter in this book, it is all explained in the simplest way.

It also provides a list of plants that are anti-inflammatory, plants for skin infections and those that are used for common diseases. It also works by guiding you on how to stay protected from viral infections such as flu, herpes and all forms of Hepatitis.

The Lost Book Of Remedies

It also provides a list of spices that has healing properties you don’t know about. Often times we just use these spices to perk up our food. But with the help of this book, you will understand the benefits of taking them as a cure for parasite and viral problems. They can actually detox your body to flush out those disease-causing elements.

In this book, you will also learn about the methods on how to prepare your own home remedy. It is listed and illustrated in the simplest way so you can follow them to the dot. You will also learn how to live a healthy life with tips on what to eat to enhance your body’s immune system. This is will help you fight infections and common diseases effectively.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Pros & Cons


  • This book is the best source of natural remedies that provide a lot of information about healing through the use of medicinal plants.
  • We are so used to over the counter pills that we have forgotten these medicines used be extracts from plants. This book will re-introduce you to the wonders of mother nature.
  • It promotes natural healing and healthy lifestyle with the use of natural plants, plant extracts, and concoctions that offer relief. As soon as you have understood the benefits of natural healing, you will appreciate the effects it will have on your body.
  • It is very informative and it even has pictures to clearly show which plants they are referring to. Sometimes it is easy to get confused because some of these plants come from the same group. They also have similar features. But with photos to clearly identify them, there is no room for mistake.
  • It gives you a step by step instructions on how to prepare natural remedies. The instructions are very easy to follow. You don’t need to be an expert to prepare them and apply them when necessary.
  • There are no harmful side-effects as a result of using natural remedies. It is very safe to use for anyone who needs it. You can save yourself from harmful side effects as a result of taking chemical-based medicine.
  • You will also learn how to grow medicinal plants in your backyard so you can conveniently harvest them when needed. While other plants are not as easy to grow, there are very useful ones that can thrive in your garden.

lost book of remedies


  • Some plants in this book are found only in the prairie or forests which is not accessible for some people. This is a bit limiting for some, so some of the information found in this book might not be as helpful if you live in the city.
  • While some people may still have access to these plants through a specialty store, it can be time-consuming to actually get it.
  • You have to be patient in order to prepare the remedies at home. Because these are fresh plants the preparation can be a little taxing. Not to mention, the scent it will emit may be discouraging. This is the reason why some people opt for the over the counter stuff because they are sugar-coated.
  • You have to be careful in preparing these remedies because even though they are natural, some of them have strong effects that not everyone can tolerate. You may have to measure them carefully and prepare them with caution in order to get the right dose and mixture.


If you are one of those people who now realize that all you need to survive is provided for by mother nature, then you must get a copy of this book. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get treatment from any form of ailment.

Neither do you have to suffer the harmful side-effects from expensive drugs. Mother nature has all the cure you need and more. It will not just help cure diseases, it will help you become healthier too. This book could be the answer to all your medical woes.

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