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This is the superfood Irina Shayk takes to maintain an ideal weight

Many celebrities attend a Balanced diet, in which they incorporate food with properties important for health, in order to take care of the line or maintain the weight. This is the case of Irina Shayk, which repeatedly introduces a superfood common with incredible Advantages for the body.

The Russian model, ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo or actor Bradley Cooper, continues to maintain a perfect line at 35 years old. And it will probably continue with the same number for the next 20 years.

The secret is to eat well and exercise regularly. In addition, the use of treatments or different cosmetic products for skin care.

The superfood that is no shortage in Irina Shayk’s diet

Concretely, the natural superfood that is not lacking in Irina Shayk’s diet is tomato. It is a traditional food that can be easily bought in any supermarket and at any time of the year. The properties of this vegetable are many and varied.

This is the superfood Irina Shayk takes to maintain an ideal weight

So Irina Shayk showed us her passion for tomatoes through her Instagram account, where she showed a photo of a simple tomato recipe seasoned with basil leaves. That is, a healthy preparation, which helps to maintain the ideal weight, promotes digestion and even a tan.

This recipe consists mainly of two foods, tomato and basil; as well as a vinaigrette to give a little more flavor.

So, tomato is a super food which is not only good for weight loss but due to its properties it is also very beneficial for the health of the skin. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, two of the most important nutritional elements for the well-being of the skin.

Benefits of tomato

Another of the wonderful properties of this superfood is that it contains just 20 calories per 100 grams of food. In addition, almost 90% of its composition is water. It is therefore a moisturizing food and ideal for refreshing the body.

Healthy Benefits of Tomato
Healthy Benefits of Tomato

In this sense, it should be noted that the tomato is also good for reducing rashes on acne skin. This is due to its acidity and high lycopene content.

Thus, many celebrities like Irina Shayk are aware of the health benefits of this vegetable, a traditional superfood affordable and accessible to all.

In addition, the Russian model associates the tomato with another food, such as basil leaves, which also provide important properties to the body. It highlights its benefits for digestion, thanks to its diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Basil contains different oils, which are important antioxidants for the body and help strengthen the action of the immune system.

In addition, this food offers benefits to improve memory, increase kidney health, prevent cardiovascular disease or improve the functioning of the immune system. And it is that basil has been used historically with different traditional uses.

So, tomato and basil are two healthy foods for the body, which help to maintain ideal weight, improve skin health and improve immune system function.

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