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Thought Elevators Review

There are times in our lives where we feel we’re losing our grip, that our lives are out of control. Whether it’s finances, relationships, or health, you don’t feel like you’re in control. These are easy circumstances to change, they usually require years and years of hard work. Not to mention therapy.

But you can change your life and gain control again by changing the way you think. Thought Elevators is a program that’s meant to help you do just that.

What is Thought Elevators?

Thought Elevators Review

The idea behind the program is that it’s possible to live a happy life regardless of past event or childhood traumas. How is this done? The Thought Elevator program trains your brain to eliminate negative thought patterns by ‘feeding’ your brain subliminal messages. By sending your mind subliminal messages, you’re subconsciously planting the information into your head. Those messages are stored in your subconscious whether you’re aware of it or not.

Through these messages, you’re able to shape your mind and thoughts without much effort. By watching a 3-minute video every day, you’ll change the way you mind processes information and the world around you. The program is completely based on proven neuroscience research from Stanford University and aims to reboot your brain on a foundational level.

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Who is Eric Taller?

The Thought Elevator program is by author and businessman, Eric Taller. From his own personal experiences, he was inspired to write this book and help educate people on how to live a fulfilled life free from trauma and stress. As a businessman, he’s the owner of one of the largest consulting firms and achieved his success through the steps in his book.

With his program, his goal is to transform the lives of people through using the Law Of Attraction for positive change. Eric believes that living a happy life, regardless of your past traumas, is entirely possible, if you teach your mind the power of positive thinking.    

What will you learn from Thought Elevators?

By giving just 10 minutes a day to Thought Elevator, you’ll start changing your life. The program has four main steps:

  • Clean Slate Mind: work on removing any mental blockages you have using the instructions Eric will provide you.
  • Prime the Positivity Pump: learn how to break the cycle of negative thinking which has demotivated you and stunted your personal growth. You’ll learn to become your own friend, not an enemy.
  • Daytime Dreaming Visualization Techniques: learn the right way to visualize your goals.
  • Theta State: learn how to reach into your inner subconscious while meditating or sleeping.

thought elevators review

Once you complete the Theta State, you’ll unlock solutions to your problems and eliminate dangerous life patterns. You’ll be learning all these steps in the 34-page instruction guide, nine videos, and ten audio files. In addition, you’ll receive five bonus courses for your journey. The bonus courses include:

  • ‘Maniesting health for boomers’: in-depth information on how to maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.
  • ‘Hand over fist money making ideas’: you’ll learn moneymaking techniques that actually work!
  • ‘How to plant a money tree’: learn how to start making a passive income.
  • ‘I love myself workbook’: this exercise book will guide you through the stages of learning how to love yourself.
  • ‘Recognizing your soulmate’: you’ll learn how to find your soulmate and improve your relationship.

Thought Elevators Pros & Cons


  • It’s not time-consuming. The meditational videos and audio files are only 3 minutes long. If you have a very busy schedule, you’ll find this program will easily fit into your daily routine.
  • It’s easy to understand. There aren’t any complex words, so anyone can follow along.
  • Thought Elevators offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results or the program.
  • It comes in a visual and audio format, so you can listen or see the messages.
  • You get the results without investing hours a day completing meditation techniques.
  • It covers a wide range of topics to help you live a well-rounded and fulfilled life.
  • You have complete control over the program. You can start it the minute you purchase it or wait until the moment is right for you.

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  • You won’t see results overnight. With Thought Elevators, it will take a minimum of 30 days before you notice anything.
  • If you’re not going to follow the daily routine, you won’t see the results you hoped for. If you have little patience, this program may not be for you.
  • Lastly, there’s no hard copy of Thought Elevators, everything is on digital format. If you don’t have internet access, you won’t be able to complete the program.

Does It Work for You?

It’s normal for people to be nervous when trying an online product. However, the framework of Thought Elevators helps you target your deep inner thoughts in order to achieve personal bliss and happiness.

If you’re able to invest 3 minutes every day into this program, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. But, you need to be consistent and reach the 30-day mark if you want to see results. So, if you have the will to focus, then this program will work for you.


If you want to change your life, Thought Elevators will certainly help you make that change. Of course, you’ll need to follow the steps if you want to see results, but if you do, you’ll notice a big difference.

All you need to do is get past the first 30 days and you’ll see how positive things are attracted to you. Once you program your mind to attract positive influences, there’s nothing standing in your way to reaching success.

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