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Typology of the Gaze


The Gaze was brought into prominence as a result of the psycho analytic language of Jacque Lacan. But he emphasised only one form of gaze, the phallic gaze. Here I would like to disseminate different typologies.

I would like to begin a narrative of Lacan’s Gaze, the Phallic. The phallic has solid libidinal connotations, this means the gaze is of a sexual 1. The phallic embraces masculine sexuality to its extremely main. It truly is standard of the male libido that when he sees an eye-catching female his adrenalin surges in the brain, he sort of preys upon the issue with a symptom of aroused, libidinal gesture. For case in point even in currently we use in language the phrase: ‘she is hot and not he’.

For commenting on the Female gaze in particular the erotic just one, I would like to go back again to the language of courtly love. You have to literally remember to a lady to win her subjective affections and that much too being a pretty difficult activity. Wooing a girl is the most tricky point in the planet. You have to be sure to her with words, cajole her with affections and animate her soul with like. Sexuality for her in contrast to males is a secondary concern. Her genetic make-up is tuned to courtly adore and courtly really like has not gone through any major revisionism.

Upcoming I would like introduce a new terminology for the gaze called as the animistic gaze. This gaze is related to the primitive man’s fascination in the direction of animistic objects and they staying ritualistic totems. When one particular is going through an animistic gaze, a person is awed, 1 is in rapture, or one feels an rigorous repulsion. The animistic is totally subjective and embraces the human inclination to be intensely emotional and subjective.

Then there is the causal gaze or the stare. For case in point: I stare on the chair and reflectively acknowledge its existence, but I do not let it make it possible for to disturb the contents of my consciousness. The chair exists, and I more time ponder of its existence.

The following gaze that I would like to place into framework is the objective gaze. The goal gaze is an analytic one particular. Just one, as a result of the gaze probes motives, triggers, outcomes or options. The goal gaze is a scientific, mathematical, logical and philosophical gaze.

Upcoming I would like to classify the gay gaze. I would like to introduce two new typologies derived from Jungian psychology. They are the anima for the feminine or the lesbian gaze and the animus for the homosexual. What is the gaze of the anima? I would like to trace the footprints of Jung and leave it at the doorstep of the archetypal feminine. The anima is a feminine a person, invested with the feminine psyche and her libido. What is the gaze of the animus? The animus depicts the archetypal masculinity. We can see it get the job done in the well known Michael Angelo’s nude sculpture of David. David is adorned as poetic youth with metaphor that exhibits beatification with the nude. The animus portrays homosexuality vividly.

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