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Venus Factor Xtreme Review

Between men and women, the latter may seem to be more conscious of how they look. Because of these notions, a lot of exercise programs and healthy weight loss plans mostly target women. These tools aim to achieve their dream figures without resorting to questionable means that can compromise their health and safety.

Surely there are many women out there who want to have a desirable figure without spending too much time in the gym or giving up their favorite foods. If you are among these women, you may want to consider trying the Venus Factor Xtreme or VFX for short.

This review will discuss what VFX is all about and the man behind the said program. You will also discover how you can benefit from the program, know its pros and cons, and whether it is the right choice for your weight loss needs.

What Is Venus Factor Xtreme?

Venus Factor Xtreme Review

The Venus Factor Xtreme is created especially for women who aim to change into a healthier lifestyle. It follows a step-by-step process which can guarantee healthy and natural weight loss without taking slimming pills or other questionable products. VFX promises significant weight loss results in a span of 12 weeks.

Most weight loss programs would require you to give up your favorite foods. More often than not, you may be one of those who likes to indulge in burgers and chips every now and then.

However, VFX somewhat teaches users that you should not fear food. In fact, most of our favorite foods contain essential nutrients that can benefit our bodies. In other words, VFX won’t force you to cut back or quit enjoying your favorite foods.

The VFX program is divided into four main parts, which are the following:

  • Custom Nutritional Software
    • Provides recommended daily and weekly calorie intake based on your target weight loss goal, body type, and food preference.
  • Nutrition Manual
    • Includes customized meal plans based on your budget and food preference. It also features an education section that aims to teach you how to meet your body’s nutritional needs.
  • Premium Video Coaching and Workout Lessons
    • Contains more than 140 engaging home exercise videos you can learn a lot from to get you moving!
  • Immersion
    • Encourages you to engage with others with similar health goals as yours, and motivate each other in the process.

To summarize what VFX is all about, it positions itself as a “safe and natural” way to lose weight. Likewise, it won’t also require you to undergo strict dieting and sacrificing your favorite foods. The weight loss plan also works with leptin hormone, less-stressful workouts, and eating healthier meals to achieve positive results.

Who Is John Barban?

John Barban is the man behind the VFX weight loss program. He is a renowned fitness coach and a best-selling author of several diet and fitness programs. Barban also holds a master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He then pursued his graduate studies and also taught at the University of Florida’s Department of Health and Human Performance.

Aside from his impressive educational achievements, he also has a background in the health and sports supplements industry. At present, he still does consultations for many health supplement companies.

Along with his extensive health and fitness background, he has focused on research and development of safe and effective weight loss programs. As a result, he came up with the best weight loss program catered to women. Hence, Venus Factor Xtreme was born.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” type of fitness programs. This is because men and women differ in terms of physiological needs that can help achieve body goals. That is why health and fitness programs should be tailored differently for men and women’s needs. In the case of Barban’s VFX, it is a program specially made for women.

 What Will You Learn From Venus Factor Xtreme?

The VFX is a comprehensive weight loss program that includes following set healthy meal plans and exercise regimen. The said program promises to deliver results to all women, regardless of your weight loss goals. Not only it promises results, but all also help you to maintain all of your hard work on losing that excess weight.

Venus Factor Xtreme

The program features four major components, which include the following:

1 Customized Nutrition

It is said that our bodies have varying nutritional requirements. A diet may work on one person, but not on the other. As a result, many people get disappointed because they think a certain weight loss program will work for them as it worked for other people. This is when a customized nutrition plan works.

The Venus Factor Xtreme program includes a customized nutrition plan that corresponds to each person’s body. This customized nutrition plan will compute the right amount of nutrients your body will need to achieve your weight loss goals.

2 Customized Exercise Regimen

Aside from a healthy diet, regular exercise can hasten the effects of weight loss. More often than not, exercise can burn more calories and lose weight more than dieting alone. Like customized meal plans, customized exercise routines can also help in achieving weight loss results.

The VFX program provides a customized exercise regimen according to your fitness level and body type. It is also user-friendly because the routines are mostly light, short, and easy to follow. The exercise routines can also be done at home and won’t need equipment.

Venus Factor Xtreme reviews

3 Strong community support

People with similar goals as yours can make your weight loss journey worthwhile. By knowing that many people aim for the same goal as yours, you can feel encouraged. This feature will gain you access to useful tips and insights based on other users’ real-life experiences. You can find several user testimonials from VFX’s official website.

Another perk you can have with the program is getting 24/7 support when you avail the VFX book. This will help you gain all the information you need with a few clicks, anytime and anywhere you are.

Venus Factor Xtreme Pros And Cons

There are noted pros and cons of using the Venus Factor Xtreme program.

</p> <p><strong>Pros</strong></p> <p>
  • VFX offers 24/7 customer support via email, toll-free hotlines, and an online community whom you can receive support and advise from VFX coaches and other customers.
  • VFX guarantees a safe and natural way to lose weight. The program won’t require you to take pills or use magic creams to lose weight. Rather, it focuses on having a healthy meal plan and exercise routines to achieve weight loss. Plus, you don’t have to use gym equipment to do the exercise routines.
  • VFX won’t deprive you of enjoying your food, unlike other diet plans. It is versatile and can work to all women, regardless of body type and food preference.
  • VFX uses a hormone called leptin that makes you feel “fuller” fast. Also known as the “satiety hormone”, leptin also has fat-burning properties that can help you shed excess weight.
  • VFX teams up with Clickbank for your payment terms. Clickbank uses a secure socket layer, 128-bit encryption for a safer transaction. Nonetheless, joining the program should not be too expensive for your budget. Having a 60-day money-back guarantee also helps, too.

best venus factor extreme

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • For the program to be successful, you should religiously follow it for 12 weeks.
  • It caters only to women. So, if you’re a guy, you may want to try other fitness programs.
  • VFX requires Internet use, which can be a hassle for some people.

 Does Venus Factor Xtreme Really Work?

All fitness and diet plans promise one thing – weight loss. For one thing, you should be able to follow these regimens religiously to achieve the results you want. Results can also vary depending on several biological, genetic, and environmental factors. That said, the program’s effectiveness would mostly depend on these factors.

best Venus Factor Xtreme review

On the other hand, Venus Factor Xtreme does not promise rapid weight loss effects. While it is an ideal goal, it can be unhealthy and even potentially life-threatening. Instead, VFX offers a strategic weight loss program that focuses on eating right and following an exercise routine. Results can vary from woman to woman, but one thing can be sure – VFX can truly help you lose weight.

The VFX website also boasts of true-to-life stories of women who were able to achieve their weight loss goals. These women can help you get started with your weight loss journey. If you are not satisfied, you can always opt for a 60-day money-back guarantee.

</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>

There are different ways to lose weight, but a lot of people fear to undergo a weight loss program. For one, many diet plans require food restrictions that can make mealtimes less enjoyable. On the other hand, some exercise routines may be too much for a first-timer.

The Venus Factor Xtreme program is the complete opposite of both. It incorporates a healthy meal plan without sacrificing your taste buds, and light yet effective exercise routines. The program is specially designed and customized for every woman. To achieve positive results, you should follow the course of the 12-week program and see the difference.

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