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What Men Secretly Want Review

Men are known to hold emotions secretly, something most women fail to understand. This online course from James Bauer claims to debunk some of the myths surrounding every man’s behavior. This course was designed for women who want to deeply understand men in their lives – past or present. It aims to improve the difficulties of romantic relationships either from previous exes, distant lovers, current boyfriends, and bored husbands.

Created by bestselling author, James Bauer, this course aims to help women understand their man by discovering his inner emotions. More than a guide, this book helps every woman understand the workings of every man in her life. More importantly, it digs deep into the most vulnerable yet concealed part of every man – his heart.

 What Is What Men Secretly Want?

Developed by a prominent relationship counselor and self-acclaimed human psychology student, James Bauer has written an intricate masterpiece. It gently exposes the very vulnerable makings of a man so they can work better on the relationship. A best-selling author, James Bauer unfolds how every relationship can benefit from understanding what their partners need.

What Men Secretly Want Review

Where most people think, “What’s in it for me?” a relationship would be better if you focus on your partner’s needs. This reciprocal affair improves the quality of your relationship making it last longer and deeper. This is one of the main points of James Bauer’s book, What Men Secretly Want. It intricately unravels the complexities of a man’s heart so you can work on changing yourself for the better.

This powerful program has the ultimate aim of helping you understand your man so you can connect with him easily. It takes you into a journey of realization helping you understand how a man thinks and how he views things.

The main proposition of What Men Secretly Want is founded on the Respect Principle. A theory based on a study conducted by Harvard University social research graduate Shaunti Feldhahn. The Respect Principle was developed in 2006 from a research project involving 400 men.

The concept was based on two negative conditions being alone and unloved or inadequate and disrespected. The study yielded that most men would rather feel unloved than disrespected. Something that profoundly and adequately describes what men generally wants.

Who is James Bauer?

A relationship and dating counselor who has had a string of best-seller books, James Bauer has helped thousands of women. He has written wonderful books which have helped women tap into their inner selves and intuitions. His book, What Men Secretly Want has the same precept of helping women with their dating practice. More than empowering women, this online course aims to help them understand men and how he sees the world around him. It has insights and revelations of how to’s when your man becomes distant or starts withdrawing from the relationship.

James Bauer is one of those writers whose advocacy has helped countless women live better lives. His ideal vision of, “Be Irresistible” is the core of his lessons for women’s dating and relationship goals.

Though most conservative people would refute that his goals are just surface-level, the actual lessons he teaches are far deeper than it sounds. Women are able to gain more confidence and live their lives happier. He also teaches the values of being true to oneself which is one of the cores of living with contentment.

What Will You learn from What Men Secretly Want?

What Men Secretly Want is an online program that teaches you how the world looks like from a man’s perspective. It has powerful tips revealing what you need to do to get them enthralled and get him committed. The course is about being irresistible and letting his animal instincts crave and long for you. It adds a powerful punch into your feminine side without completely changing who you are and what your values are.

Instead of focusing on changing yourself, the course puts the male form – bare and all – into your platter. The information provided by the online course can help you manipulate his behavior whether from every dating experience or through the course of your relationship.

what men secretly want review

This program incorporates several techniques discovered by James Bauer through the course of his profession. These techniques involve influential thought changing patterns, behavioral and emotional constraints allowing a man to change his stance. The techniques outlined in the course are proven to work even with the most stubborn man. It has encompassing control for relationships that are beyond repair.

Dive Deeper

The program also delves into why men find it hard to communicate with their partners. It also explores the vast notion of why men find it hard to commit to long-term relationships. Much more, the course also exploits man’s impediment of towards the sacrifices and demands of such relationships.

What Men Secretly Want is a powerful tool for women to understand their partners and men in general. It gives a glimpse of a man’s inner child and the reasons why they succumb to life distracting behavior. Alcoholism, addiction, and many unproductive activities are part of a ploy to stay away or spend less time with you. The online course takes you on a psychological journey with conditional techniques to manipulate your man and draw him closer. It allows you to change his behavioral patterns and give him reasons to change how he thinks about you.

What Men Secretly Want Pros And Cons

</p> <p><strong>Pros</strong></p> <p>
  • This course was developed for women having hard times keeping their man committed.
  • Teaches you techniques on how to keep your man happy and interested in your relationship.
  • A program that gives you an inside look the male psyche and how you can commit him to do what you want.
  • Uses a very simple principle of convincing him to commit to the relationship.
  • E-book and audio file versions.
  • Teaches you how to communicate better with your man and keep them interested.

best what men secretly want

</p> <p><strong>Cons</strong></p> <p>
  • This program was strictly developed only for the female audience.
  • The main program and the additional bonuses do not cover many topics about men in general.
  • A little expensive compared to other programs with the same topic and the same amount of content.
  • Not much information about the author’s credentials and identity.

Does What Men Secretly Want Work?

Giving you a glimpse of the male psyche, this program can be helpful to provide you with an understanding of how every man acts and behaves the way he does. And although the mind of every man is different and more complex, his natural inclinations are easily distinguishable. It is something this program focuses on and what women need to understand.

Using the love or respect technique has its own powers in keeping your man committed to the relationship. It presents a clear definition of what every man would rather have a life worth living. In a clear and deeper fashion, James Bauer presents this information in a vivid way. He presents every detail of the male psyche describing how he acts and why he acts, to the female audience.

what men secretly want review

For women who have a hard time keeping their man committed to their relationship, this online course can be helpful. It scrutinizes a man’s behavior under a microscope and dissects every aspect of his attitude and behavior. It can be a real eye-opener to help you determine the rate of your relationship success. And help you determine where you are blatantly being disrespectful.

James Bauer also devotes a whole chapter into understanding the male emotions, something that most women fail to understand. It presents the complexities of men and how they are not as keen on presenting what they feel. Just like women, understanding how your man feels will get you closer to learning how to manipulate his behavior.

Thought this book fails to present the complex mechanisms behind every man, it does present its claims rigidly. It helps you understand a man’s vulnerability so you can manipulate his behavior towards committing to your relationship.

</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>

This program is designed for women who are having a hard time keeping their men glued to their relationship. It presents some of the most effective theories to help change their attitude and behavior towards the affair. James Bauer, though the author remains to be anecdotal, presents his topic based on leading researches. Above the line, this course has a powerful message enabling you to work on what you want and achieve. His messages are clear though the content may not be enough to give a full description of the male psyche.

The program focuses on the love or respect technique, however, it does not have a guide for building foundational trust. If you want to fully understand why your man behaves a certain way, then this online course is for you. You’ll find the topics easy to understand and very structured.

The tone of the online course thought is something you should check as it gets rigorous for some time. Overall, this online course is a good catch if you are intent on keeping your man by your side. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, something to keep your hopes high.

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